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  • Plugin Author Markus Drubba


    Can you give me a little bit more details? A page link? Any JS errors appearing?!

    Thanks, the config for Google:

    * Button size: Tall
    * Track likes with Google Analytics is on
    * URL: link
    * lang: es_ES
    * new tracking version

    Other options are off

    Plugin Author Markus Drubba


    It is working for me in Google Chrome. What browser had you tested?

    Hi ! I tried yesterday with Chrome 24, Safari 5.1 and IE 9 (all under Windows) and I got the same problem with all of them… but I don’t know why today it seems ok.

    In Firefox 18 with Noscript I’m getting a clickjacking warning:

    In Chrome 24 I noticed the link appears when clicking the G+ button but before the user click the share button.

    And can I suggest a new feature for the plugin?: the link doesn’t appear until the user click on all the social buttons ?

    Thanks !

    I forgot to comment that yesterday I tried cleaning the WordPress and browser’s cache with no effect, I don’t know the reason it’s ok today.

    Plugin Author Markus Drubba


    Hi MikiBroki,

    don’t know why the clickjacking warning appears. Can you reproduce this?

    Your feature request is not that good. It is very annoying for the user. I don’t want to support such things.

    Sorry I removed the promo a couple of days ago, I used the options commented above and message was in FF 18

    I don’t think it is so bad while you offer valuable content, but you’re the master and I thank you for the plugin 🙂

    .. while you offer valuable content (and the user know the ‘price’, of course)

    Plugin Author Markus Drubba


    Do you have any problems to get it working now?

    I have not active promos at this time, thanks

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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