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  • I installed google-news and then refreshed my site and got this fatal error

    Fatal error: Cannot redeclare fetch_rss() in /home/sadmin/html/ on line 88

    any ideas what I should do?

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  • Hi there!

    It appears that you have an external version of MagpieRSS installed in your WP-blog, since is not a default WP file. Is that on purpose (to support some ancient plugin) or have you just not upgraded since >1.5 or not removed the wp-includes directory prior to upgrade?

    Since WP 1.5, most of the MagpieRSS functionality has been embedded in WP. However, some ancient plugins may still require the standalone MagpieRSS application to be installed to function. One of the initial Delicious-plugins was like that I think. Try finding a newer plugin with the same functionality if that is the case.

    When you know you’re not depending on the external MagpieRSS functionality anymore, upgrade to the latest WP version by following the upgrade instructions. These will tell you to remove the directories wp-includes and wp-admin, and that should remove the external MagpieRSS application in the process.


    Thanks so much!

    This is not my website, but a clients so I don’t know why they have it this way. I will ask them about this and then fix the problem.

    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    FYI: WordPress 2.8 actually replaced the MagpieRSS stuff with SimplePie instead.

    I upgraded to 2.8 but I used the automatic upgrade. I’m still getting these errors. Can I go in and manually delete the stuff I need to get rid of? What exactly do I need to do at this point? should I just use simplepie?

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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