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  • All my indexes from my blog, 276 pages of hand built content has now been moved to and is nowhere to be found in

    Can anyone help me explain why this could be happening?

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  • Crap! You’re right. Well, you are almost right.

    I searched for my site, which is designated as a “blog” for all intents and purposes, and found one link from the Google search and a whole bunch from blogsearch.

    Then I used on Google and found a ton of stuff.

    I think Google is changing a lot of things around. Will it be better? Who knows. Try using the above example on your WordPress site. You can use on Google and Blogsearch and see the results are different.

    I think what they maybe trying to do is separate the content from the chatter. Example, if I were doing a report on the “migratory patterns of swallows” … I don’t necessailry want Joe Smith dissertaion on the hilariousness of Monty Python’s Search for The Holy Grail…. But I’m just guessing.


    Oddly enough my site (main blog using Blogger or political one with WP) only shows in the main Google search and not at all if I do site:url in blog search. LOL@the power of Google brains.

    I have a blog where all feeds are disabled, as far as I know. I didn’t think we needed the functionality. Now we have another reason?



    My ranking shave slowly started to come back. After researching and talking to Google, reading their stuff via email and digging around on my site I found that I had duplicate content which this latest update apparently hits sites hard for duplicate content.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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