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  1. kelmann
    Posted 3 years ago #


    I am trying to replicate the look and function of google maps for a page on my website. http://www.theworldsflight.com
    I am using the Oxygen theme.


    I want to replace the google search and navigation bar with the my theme's naviation bar and I want to replace the panel on the left of the page with a panel of my own. My panel will be displaying data from an SQL database. I will be using the Google maps API to create the map that will also be pulling the panel data.

    My main questions is how do you recomend I go about creating this page? My plan is to create a page template for this page but I am not sure which divs and things I might want to use from my theme in order to keep the style the same. If you could give me some insite into what might already be in my theme that I can use for this that would be great!

    Also I want the page to span your whole screen, like it does on the google maps website.



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