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    Google map not showing in event. Just an empty gray box.

    (I have another site that I have successfully used the event calendar plugin and have maps showing.)

    I have checked all “show google map” checkboxes within the event, venue, and plugin settings. I have added a google map API. this happens in all broswers. I have cleared cache and refreshed multiple times.

    I checked the error log and I don’t see any obvious issues.

    I have not turned off all plugins as I currently cannot access site backups and don’t want to endanger any settings.

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    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • I didn’t end up paying anything. Sorry, I can’t remember other than putting the api key into the settings.


    It appears the way the Javascript file is written does not meet what google api wants. In the inspector it would be an error passing the API key to google.


    I had to put in CC information but it does not charge until you have some large number of calls to the API. 10,000 or some high number like that.

    Ugh, it was working for awhile after I installed the plugin, but now it’s not.

    Got the google api with my credit card entered – no joy.
    Got the plug in from Wp Directory – No Joy.
    Something like this should not take hours to debug.
    Does the Bing Maps have these issues?


    It only worked for me once I removed the API codes from the Event Plugin and only used the API in the google API key plugin. hope that helps.

    No joy on that either.
    I generated a new api key using the plug in and entered it in both places and that worked. Shouldn’t be such an issue. Thanks for the suggestion mrlandtrust

    Well now after just 10 minutes the map shows –
    This page can’t load Google Maps correctly.
    Just thinking about disabling this feature. Too much time spent.

    Another interesting insight. I loaded up the map in firefox, looked at it in firebug and the error is You have exceeded your request quota for this API. See

    Which is odd because we did the credit card thing and I only pulled the map up twice.

    I also received the request quota message, and this is a site that is not accessed that much, so I’m not sure what the message actually means. Since there is a link on the event to the map, it just doesn’t seem worthwhile to spend the time trying to make it display on the event itself. It was a “nice to have” feature, but seeing that I’m not alone in having issues with it, I think I will spend my efforts on other things.

    I got it resolved. Clicking the link that was in Firebug took me to a Google page w here I could inspect API project in details. Saw that there were two Api Keys and I deleted one and now we’re working: Apparently there was one api key associated with the credit card and one that was not ,though that makes little sense. Anyway, look at your page in firebug and find a similar link and see if you don’t have see the multiple api key issue that I did.

    I had the same problem, no need to install an other plugin, but read what the section the event calendar put regarding the use of the api. You have to do some setup on the google side, specially you need to enable the maps javascript API, not only the geocoding and geolocation API


    Yes, in theory that was the solution back then. Many of us followed those instructions, but still did not have a loading map. That includes making sure ALL API’s were enabled. The plugin was the only solution that appeared to work…

    In fact, I just logged in because I noticed my maps were broken again. I have all of the map API’s running including the javascript. So, something must have been updated in the events plugin.

    For testing purposes, I went ahead and placed the API key back in the events plugin and it is working again. It appears the developer fixed something in an update…

    SO – it appears you do not need to use the work-around anymore.

    @mrlandtrust Thank you for your response. I have the free version of The Events Calendar 4.6.23. I had taken the api key out of the calendar’s settings on some earlier advice, installed the API for Google Maps plugin, and while it worked for awhile, it then didn’t. Now, today, after putting it back in, it does! We’ll see how long it lasts! Thank you.

    Well, that lasted for about 5 minutes. I wend to another event, and all there was was a gray box. I cleared the cache, no luck. I went back to the original event, and got a message (should have gotten a screenshot) overlaying the map, something about google maps not being able to display it correctly. I refreshed, then got the gray box. Arrghhh! @mrlandtrust do you have the free or paid version of events?


    I have the free version…

    I did not disable the google API (plugin).

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