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  1. Bassius
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Hello All,

    Does someone know whether it is possible (and if so, how), to have viewers of a wordpress blog add locations easily and then view all these markers on a static page with map on it?

    I've found the MapPress pro plugin, but this requires users to register to your blog, otherwise they can't use MapPress (it is only useable from the back-end).

    What I'd like is to have a website where viewers can relatively easy add a location for their product and that every viewer can see all the locations on the landing page instantly. Preferably there would be some feature of switching views on that static page, so you can see all markers for Category A, or Category B and so forth.

    It's not that straight forward to just implement the Javascript code with geocoding that Google's Api provides.

    Anyone done or seen this?


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