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    Hi, i’m trying to do the easy enough task of embedding a google map. By embedding I mean the API rather than the iFrame method.

    Heres the problem, I get an error on every page except the page with the map on. The error message always reads “null is null or not an object”. It happens in IE 7 and 8 as far as I know. The map script is in the head, i’ve done it on static sites but not on WordPress. I’m wondering if there is something I should be aware of when using google maps and WordPress together.

    Here is the contact page;

    Any tips, particularly if you have solved this before, would be helpful. Its wasting a lot of time!


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  • Hi,
    FWIW, I’m loading your map perfectly in Firefox and IE7. I wonder if your IE flavours could be having cache or session issues or something like that from your testing? Maybe you could try loading it in IE on other machines.

    Cheers, Dave

    Hi, the map may well work now. Can you view some other pages on the site for me? It’s the other pages that have problems.

    Thanks, dan

    If anyone gets stuck on this I found a solution of sorts…

    I put a condition ( if ) php statement in the body tag. It only echos the “onLoad” function when the page is the contact us page. That seems to have sorted the problem out.


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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