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    I’m having an issue where my AgentPress Listings Google Map iframe embed works properly when I first publish a listing, but any subsequent edits to the listing breaks the embed and displays a [googlemaps] shortcode on the front end of the site instead. If I paste a fresh iframe embed in the field it works fine until the next edit.

    Any help to fix the problem would be greatly appreciated.


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  • Hi there,

    There was a recent update to the AgentPress listing plugin, can you tell us what version you are currently using, please?

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    1.3.3 – the latest version

    I confirm this behavior as well. Additionally, if I manually copy and paste the map shortcode from the map box to the listing content area, the map works and does not break. Here is the problem visually:

    The first shortcode was properly displaying the map. I copied the shortcode from the map box and pasted it below the map token and updated the post. The first one broke but the manually pasted code works and will remain working. By the way, I did this to show a broken and a working map on the same listing. A second “update” of the post without doing any edits would have yielded the same broken shortcode display.

    I am using the same 1.3.3 version of the plugin as well.


    Hi there!

    I am sorry you are having difficulties still with the AgentPress Listings plugin. We have not been able to replicate this issue when adding the google maps iframe to the ‘Enter Map Embed Code’ box and then resaving or editing and resaving. The map is still displaying correctly.

    There could possibly be a plugin conflict causing this to occur. Could you check for plugin conflict to see if that helps?

    Hi there,

    I am sorry I sent my reply before I was finished. Could you also send a screenshot of what the iframe code looks like on the backend that you are adding to the ‘enter map embed code’ box so we can take a closer look, please?

    I sent it to your support e-mail.


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    I *might* have figured out the issue, I deactivated WP Fastest cache and it seems to be working properly now… @acekin are you using that plugin?

    @stridecreative lucky you! We are not using that or any other cache plugin. We continue to have the problem.


    I have found the culprit. If I disable the shortcode embeds function, the AgentPress Listings plugin functions properly and the iframe code inserted into one of its fields remains as iframe. I hope that there will be a solution to make these plugins work without sacrificing from either one of them.

    The problem is not resolved but I have a workaround while waiting for a solution from either side.


    I, too, still have this issue. The FIRST time I save the listing after putting in the map OR youtube video code, it’s ok. But if I open up the listing to make any edits it converts to short code and shows the actual code on the page.

    I am not using any shortcode or cache plugins.

    @scrltotara, have you tried disabling shortcode embed feature of JetPack? That’s what made it work for me.

    @acekin THAT WORKED! Thank you so much, I never would have thought of that.

    If you need to have the shortcode on the site, unfortunately this fix does not work. Is there to disable the shortcode for the map portion in this plugin. The map will appear…once you go into edit it adds the shortcode info so it is not just using the iframe…thus it breaks.

    @dsaro, the shortcode embed is an integral part of this plugin to keep the layout consistent. It may be possible to switch to the text mode in the editor and place the iframe shortcode where you want. But, that is not the recommended workflow. I am hoping that the plugin authors of both Agent Press Listings and JetPack will collaborate to find a permanent solution to this. Disabling the shortcode embed feature of JetPack makes this plugin work but all other shortcode embeds in other parts of the site are also disabled. Regrettable.

Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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