Google knows my site, but won't show WordPress posts (4 posts)

  1. Sphyr
    Posted 8 years ago #

    This is bizarre. My website, http://chasingthe wind.net , has been up since April 2004. Google has known about me for a long time.

    Sometime in the last few months, though, Google stopped listing my WordPress posts. If you Google:


    You get a single static page. If you Google:


    You get "Sorry, no information found"

    But if you Google:


    You get 875 references from other websites.

    I've been all over the Google webmaster tools, installed a sitemap plugin this week, and I don't see any errors listed anywhere. They just show -0- incoming links, as if there were no references to my site anywhere.

    Any suggestions? How do I find out what's wrong?

  2. Well, while I cannot tell you what's wrong, you have one weird robots.txt file. It's seemingly pointless. I'd get rid of it.

  3. Doodlebee
    Posted 8 years ago #

    I'm on cable, and the references to "pthumbnails.alexa.com" - which appear to be some sort of third-party button, I'm on minue3 now, and they still haven't loaded.

    Stuff like this can contribute (by the way, Alexa.com is a known site for using spyware.)

    And yes, Otto is right - you're robots.txt file is weird.

  4. Sphyr
    Posted 8 years ago #

    Not my robots.txt file, it's managed by my host, but they host maybe 100 blogs. Only my posts are gone. For contrast, check justagirlintheworld.com. Same WordPress installation, same robots.txt, same server, and run by the server host. No problems there, site:justagirlintheworld.com has plenty of links shown on Google.

    That plugin is wp-alexify and it loads quickly for me, but I'll disable it for now.

    Next idea?

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