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  • I just noticed something today: Whenever I create a new ‘Post’, Google picks it up almost instantaneously; like within just a few minutes most times. However, I’ve noticed that when I create a new ‘Page,’ on the site, this is not the case. I created a new one over 12 hours ago, and it still isn’t showing up on Google — I’ve even manually sent pings to both pingomatic AND google blogsearch for the new page.

    Does this seem right? I mean, does it make sense (for some reason that I don’t understand) that POSTS get indexed super-fast, but PAGES get indexed more slowly? Anyone have any input or explanation?

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  • I believe that Pages don’t ping as they’re not considered within the datetime structure like Posts are.

    Best bet would be to write a new Post pointing folks to your new Page and see if that helps.

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