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  • I have an issue where all third world eCommerce sites hotlink to my posts/images. They all show up under “Referrer” tab in Daily stat.

    I really like the recent “Block IP” feature.

    Is it possible to have the same “Block Referrer from this link” feature?
    To redirect all those cockroaches to a access forbidden page?

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  • Plugin Author luciole135


    There is confusion between blocking and banning:
    – Visitors statpress not block the entrance to your site, it does not record in the database the inputs of IP banned.
    To block banned IP, you must do so through the file .htacess located in the root of your site.

    Can you see how this can cause problems?

    Most people would see different IPs hammering their site, and then Ban IP, and never see it again, THINKING that its now blocked.

    However, it only hides it from showing up, meaning they are unaware of that same IP still hammering their site on a daily basis, only now its hidden.

    Unfortunately i have Banned over 50 spam IPs, which i know know probably still hammers my site on a daily basis without me knowing it, so I have no choice but to clear the plugin’s database tables.

    Plugin Author luciole135


    Banning the IP was added by Gawain in Statpress Visitors. I just copied his solution in Daily Stat. His English is better than mine (I use Google translate), what would you call the non-registration of IP since the ban is confusing?
    Banned IP are stored in the wp-content/plugins/daily-stat/def/banips.dat and can be opened with any word processor like Microsoft Word, Open Office Writer or notepad++.
    Simply copy and paste the IP in the .httaccess file as follows:
    deny from

    However, the IP of bot change very often.
    To prohibit some user agent you must use rewrites rules in the .htaccess file

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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