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  • I’ve noticed that when I go to put my links in under my profile all of the networks have an icon next to them EXCEPT Google+. This may be part of the reason it’s also not showing up on the author page.

    Plugin Author Russell Jamieson


    Might be a missing PNG file.

    Maybe try deactivating and deleting AuthorSure then reinstalling to get a fresh copy of the files

    No dice. It asked me to delete the files and I said yes. Oddly enough, it preserved my settings so when I re-installed it I didn’t have to do anything. Still no Google+ icon

    I just went in to the code inspector and added this line above the line of code referring to the Google+ link:

    <img src=”” alt=”Google+”>

    and it looks perfect. For whatever reason that line is not included in my plugin. Any ideas. This is strange.

    I am also having this same problem. The G+ field in the user panel does not look like the rest of the fields (facebook, twitter,etc.) with the images in them either.

    After uninstalling and deleting AuthorSure there is still the same “Google +” field in the user panel.

    I used to have a different authorship plugin that I uninstalled and deleted before using AuthorSure, do you think this is causing a conflict?

    Well I was able to solve this on my own so I figured I should share in case this can help Patrick.

    It was another Plugin (in my case SEO Pack) that was causing the conflict and adding the G+ field into the user page that would disable the picture.

    I found the issue by downloading my entire site from the FTP and doing a find and replace for “googleplus” thru dreamweaver, found the plugin, disabled and deleted, and like magic the field is fixed and the G+ picture shows up. Woohoo!

    So if this is your problem, you can either edit the plugin to remove that field and get rid of the conflict, or use a new plugin all together.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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