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    Hi there,

    Thank you for this worderful plugin of yours! I’m actually trying to host my images on my google+ account for better delivery and would like to know if your plugin can work with this method. If so, will i have to upload two images of each file ? One for low resolution monitor and another one for retina display ?

    Thank you


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  • Plugin Author Jordy Meow


    Hey Sylvain,

    What do you mean by using Google+? Are you going to upload your photos to Google+ and link to them from your website? For many reasons maybe you shouldn’t do that. For sure it will not work with Retina (since WordPress will have no control at all over those files), the filenames on Google+ might change, maybe even removed… wow, I wouldn’t risk it.

    If you want faster delivery, for free, try Cloudflare. It works perfectly with the Client-method. For other CDN’s, it works in theory but the plugins are usually lazy and they don’t send the retina files over, but the developers will do it eventually (a few WP Retina 2x users contacted CDN plugin developers in the past).

    By the way, if you like the plugin please rate it 🙂 Thank you ^^

    Hi Jordy, thank you for your reply, i appreciate it.

    Yes, that was my goal. Reading your comment makes me have a doubt about it though. I’ve tried Couldflare for free, but all my images didn’t show right. I’ve read that it was because of their compression that was too high, so i chose to look for something else.

    I’ll try again to see if some options could be adjusted to make my images show correctly.

    I’ll be happy to rate your plugin.



    Plugin Author Jordy Meow


    Really? I don’t think Cloudflare compress the images at all. I used it for over one year and it works fine. I recently switched to Google PageSpeed Service which is quite similar (even faster) but the images quality went down (there are settings for this but I am trying to tame the beast step by step).

    My recommendation right now would still be Cloudflare 🙂 Your images should be fine 🙂 Otherwise write to them, they always reply and try to help.

    Thanks for rating the plugin, it makes my day every time somebody does it! ^^

    My pleasure Jordy. I’ll have another look to Cloudflare and ask for support if needed. Thanks for your support.


    Hey Jordy, I’m giving Google Page Speed a try as well. How exactly do I get it to work properly with the @2x images. If I allow google to serve images they rewrite the URL causing the @2x images not to load due to different URLs.

    Also using their resizing setting doesn’t seem to work as my theme is pulling the cropped wordpress images and not using the original and resizing.

    Plugin Author Jordy Meow


    Sylvain, jlomaha, good news!

    There is a new release of the plugin today, and it now rewrites the HTML dynamically, replacing the images by the retina images if they are found. For now I disabled W3 Total Cache, but I tried all the settings with Google PageSpeed Service, and everything works! It’s blazing fast and works perfectly! I should really have added this method before, it’s by far the best, especially when using a service such as Cloudflare or PageSpeed Service.

    For W3 Total Cache the idea is to set-up the different cache for different user-agents. Making a “Retina group” will do the trick, but not sure yet to set it up as I’ve never done it. Anyway, it’s not such an issue, PageSpeed Service is good enough and I don’t feel the need to use W3 Total Cache anymore.

    What exactly do you mean a retina group, do you happen to have an idea on the user agents that should be added by chance?

    Scratch my last reply, I dumped W3TC. It really isn’t needed when using Page Speed Service. That being said I’m not seeing the @2x images loading.

    Plugin Author Jordy Meow


    For W3TC, we would have to set a cookie or something (he has one already but not sure I should override it), I am trying to get to the developer to find the best way.

    For PageSpeed, in “Optimize Images”, don’t check the last option called “Resize on the server”. It resizes the images if they are too big, and they obviously are when they are Retina 😉 I checked everything else everywhere, and it is perfect. I love this new HTML Rewrite method with Google PageSpeed 🙂 I think I will make it default.

    AWESOME! I have W3TC off now, it really doesn’t matter anymore since Google is handling every function and then some. The only advantage would be to any traffic that might not get served by Google, which should be none. Also Database caching might help a tad but I doubt it would be noticeable.

    Plugin Author Jordy Meow


    Yeah, it doesn’t matter whether we use it or not at this point. Wow, this made my day, this solution is really elegant.

    I experimented a bit with PageSpeed options. I feel like there is a huge quality loss on normal screen when using “Convert JPEG to WebP” but interestingly not as much on Retina displays.

    Please rate this plugin when you have time ^^ Thanks a lot!

    I spoke to soon, for some reason @2x images stop displaying once PSS completes caching. If I make a rewriter change it displays the @2xs for a few minutes then starts serving the PSS versions when I check back :-/

    Plugin Author Jordy Meow


    This is weird! Did you check I have PSS + WR2X (HTML Rewrite method) running for 2 days now, no issues.

    I basically use the Recommended Settings for everything, except in “Optimize Images”:

    – Convert PNG & GIF to JPEG: unchecked
    – Resize on the server: unchecked

    By the way, are you on a shared-network with non-retina devices accessing the websites? After all, maybe your website works fine, except on your device? Let me know what it is, maybe I can check 🙂

    Found it, it looks like Progressive JPG was the issue. I turned that off and it looks to be working again.

    I’m suing all Lossy Optimizations, Recompress PNG, Remove Meta and color profile.

    Looks to be running fine with those. my url is

    Plugin Author Jordy Meow


    Okay, good to know! Strange though, I have this one enabled 🙂 But I’m glad it works for you! I will check your website tonight on my MacBook Retina 🙂

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