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  • From Nacin on trac:

    Those who run local or intranet installs wouldn’t like that so much. There is a plugin (or five) available that unregisters the default jQuery and registers it with the source pointing to Google.

    Good point. I’m guessing that running WP locally isn’t the majority case. Be nice if we served the majority, and perhaps tested for local running, or had a check box in the settings page?

    Sorry, but this is 100% plugin material. 🙂

    Also my reply on Trac:

    I can tell you right now we’d get a small revolt if we switched to Google or Yahoo hosted jQuery due to perceived (or even real) privacy concerns.

    Not to mention that WordPress already compresses it itself. It merges all Javascript files together and serves them as one compressed HTTP request. This is much better than serving it off Google or Yahoo.

    As for the checkbox, that’s what’s known as option bloat. Having too many options is a bad thing, especially when it’s trivial for a plugin to change it.

    Fair enough. I didn’t realize WordPress also header compressed Jquery, I’ll look out for that.

    Is there any documentation / guidelines as to what is considered as a plugin and what is considered core so I don’t waste your time in the future!


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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