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  • Resolved peter


    My job have been working fine for weeks since my the upgrade I cannot upload my database or file backup to google cloud storage – no errors the job just does the DB backup and fails to do the upload and keeps running.

    I have created a new job from scratch same issue.

    How do I downgrade

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  • Plugin Author Daniel Hüsken


    Pleas try to disable “Multipart Upload” in the S3 settings.


    i am having the same problem. where is the s3 setting you are referring to? i have been through the menus several times and i don’t see it anywhere… under backup destinations i see no mention of s3 or google cloud, and the api keys page is completely empty. i take it google cloud hasn’t been dropped?

    was loving this plugin, since the update i don’t know where i am with it.

    @peter If you want to go back to 2.x, it’s here: You’ll have to install it manually, though.

    @budestrings Please try setting up a new S3 or Google Cloud backup job via BackWPup -> Wizards and let us know if it works that way. Thanks!

    @budestrings Sorry, forget about my last post. Wizards are Pro only, my bad.

    i take it there are security issues with not updating then. couple of questions then –

    is the google cloud / s3 setup only possible in the pro version or can i do it in the free version?

    can i overwrite the plugin files with the older versions via ftp and keep my jobs list or do i have to recreate them from scratch?

    thanks for the quick response.

    Plugin Author Daniel Hüsken


    Hello budestrings,

    No, Backup to google storage is available in free version too.
    It is in the ‘To: S3 Servece’ Options if you editing a job. Look under ‘Select a S3 service’.

    If you upload the old files with FTP the options can’t get back. Sorry.


    first of all, sorry for being thick and thanks for your patience. i found my way through the settings and verified the google cloud settings are correct.

    i ran some more tests and the backup jobs are completing, but very slowly. they are tending to hang on creation of the archive and/or sending of the archive to google cloud, which is taking the completion time as far as 20-60 minutes. the same job was previously taking around 100 seconds to complete.

    i think it is these delays which are causing some backup runs to fall over completely.


    i rolled back to version Version 2.1.17 today and have just completed my first successful backup in ten days. phew.

    the new version was hanging for ages on the create archive and upload to cloud stages, restarting several times due to inactivity. the progress bar for the upload sometimes stopped on 100%, sometimes on 125%, and once on about 5 billion% (not joking!!). the log always stated that the job had been completed – often after 30-60 minutes, but the archives never materialised in google cloud although all settings were correct.

    the rolled back version completed the job in around 15 minutes – still rather slow as i was completing backups in under 120 seconds before – but at least the archives are being uploaded now. later retests completed in 120 seconds.

    it looks to me like the update has some issues…. it would be nice to get on top of what they are. it would also be good to hear some suggestions as to why archive creation and upload should sometimes take so long. are these server side or plugin issues ?

    i’ll be sticking with version Version 2.1.17 for the forseable future.



    Hi budestrings,

    thanks for your feedback. The update obviously has brought some issues for a couple of users which we try to solve. Are these server side or plugin issues? From our perspective they are mostly related to server-side settings as for the majority of our users BackWPup seems to run very smooth.

    I’m marking the topic as resolved since its originator peter hasn’t come back here and you are able to backup your site by now. However, the issues with archive creation and uploading backup archives to cloud services are subject to track and work on for us.

    Thanks again,

    there must be a difference in the way the upgrade reacts to server side settings – i have just tested my backups again – full site (350mb) including db dump 125s, content directory (200mb) 65s, db dump only 15s. these are the same times i was getting previously with version 2.x. smooth as silk.

    my inclination is that the archive creation and upload outages are peculiar to the update. if i find any wiggy server side settings affecting things i’ll re-open the thread.

    this is a great plugin – just need a bit of code housework.

    i’m still on version 2.1.17, but backups are now failing to upload to google cloud. left a backup on overnight last night and it was still trying in the morning. i’m looking for an alternative for this plugin now.

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