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    thanks for this great plugin, works with old picasa and even google fotos 🙂 – at least until recently.
    then google decided to (once again) make a change to fotos:
    URLs to Albums are no longer in the form ‘https://goo.gl/photos/..’ but (since about Jul 2017) ‘https://photos.app.goo.gl/..’.
    And these new Albums do not show up under photonic-helpers-album ID Finder.
    Is this a known issue ?
    or am I just doing something wrong ?

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  • Plugin Author Sayontan Sinha


    I am not seeing this issue – I am able to pass my user name to the helper and get the album ids. Have you set up authentication?

    The change of the URL shouldn’t impact anything on Photonic, as I don’t use the URL for anything. Under the hood the Picasa API hasn’t changed since mid-2016.

    thanks for fast reply !
    and yes, I have set up Back-End-Authentication as described in
    – I can see the IDs of most of my Albums, but not all, namely the most recent ones.
    but, other than described in my initial post, there is at least one album with an ‘http://photos.app.goo.gl’ link address, which is listed in the photonic helper page.
    so it must be something else which prevents all albums to be shown.
    is there another way to find out an album ID except via photonic helper ?

    Plugin Author Sayontan Sinha


    Yes, you can try going to https://picasaweb.google.com/data/feed/api/user/your-user-name?prettyprint=true, replacing your-user-name with your user name. That should list all your albums, assuming you are authenticated into Google on that browser. If the album doesn’t show up there, it will not show up in Photonic’s back-end, because I use the results of that to determine the album id.

    I can see there all albums listed in photonic helper, so this is consistent, at least 🙂
    the last album in that list is from Jul, 16, 2017.
    All albums created after that date are missing.
    maybe I’ll just have to wait until they show up some time later.
    thanks again for taking the time to look into this.

    Plugin Author Sayontan Sinha


    OK – one more thing to try: can you see if https://picasaweb.google.com/data/feed/api/user/your-user-name?prettyprint=true&access=all shows the missing ones?

    If not, maybe opening a support ticket with Google will help? If their API is not returning the albums, then there is not much any third-party service can do!

    so, I asked on the google photos support forum, and got the right hint.
    see the whole discussion on
    in short: – problem solved by unsharing / sharing again the relevant albums 🙂
    thanks again for your help.

    this is just to submit the ‘resolved’ checkbox…

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