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    Google+ recently changed to start showing number of views on page profiles. Ref:

    Prior to this, instead of viewers count, Google+ was showing number of +1s on the profile page. Also prior to this, the followers count was instead available on the dashboard view.

    With the new implementation of the viewers count, Google+ removed the number of +1 and now display both viewers count and follower count.

    The issue now is, I think Social Count Plus was wrongly picking up no. of +1 and display it as number of followers instead. But now that the +1 numbers have gone from Google+, there is a huge difference between what is being displayed by Social Count Plus and Google+ profile pages.

    For example – this is my Google+ page: My number of followers is 215.

    And you can see my Social Count Plus here on the popup in my website: My number of count from Social Count Plus is 580.

    Could you please fix this so that Social Count Plus is now picking up the number of followers instead of +1s?


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  • Plugin Author Claudio Sanches


    I use this API:

    POST < user_id >

    Post data:


    Find an API to do what you want and I add the plugin!

    If otherwise you just do not waste my time with it!

    Claudio, I am just pointing out that your Google+ followers count is incorrect. I have provided very detailed explanation on how Social Count Plus is now picking up the wrong count number.

    Your last sentence in your reply is very rude. I am not wasting your time. Others who use Google+ will soon be posting the same. I am just pointing out politely.

    Also the issue is not resolved. So don’t mark it as resolved.

    Plugin Author Claudio Sanches


    This solved, yes!
    Why has no solution, no API.
    Find an API for it and I put the plugin.

    Plugin Author Claudio Sanches


    I have already discussed about it here:

    You are free to help me at GitHub:

    But now I’ve lost any will to implement it after your review.

    Claudio, I am not a programmer. That’s why I use plugins. If I am a programmer I would hard code the codes in my wordpress theme instead of using plugins. I don’t know how to look through the API and help you at GitHub.

    I read through the link you provided above – that person highlighted the exact same problem I did.

    It’s ok if you and me can’t fix the problem – but we need to be polite to each other. Thank you for your plugin anyway. Cheers

    Plugin Author Claudio Sanches


    I’m sorry if I was not polite with you.
    But without the API I can not do anything, that’s what I wanted to say.
    I found a possible solution to this, but I will not apply until you change your review.

    Hi Claudio,

    I will change the review if you have solved the issue.


    Plugin Author Claudio Sanches


    Done in 1.9.0 version.

    Plugin Author Claudio Sanches


    I’m waiting for the correctness of your review.

    Hi, I have updated the plugin and it works perfectly now. Thank you Claudio. I have also changed my review to 5/5

    Not working for me, still showing the number of +1s not the number of followers. I’ve got version 2.9.0 installed.

    What am I doing wrong?


Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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