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  • Adsense. A Google Product.

    There are dozens of posts here about Adsense – please use the search box.

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    I can understand the suggesting that someone search, but when someone else (that would actually be me) had already offered help to the person who posted a question, it seems a bit rude to close the topic with a link that isn’t particularly helpful. Is the Google feud on again? Is this going to end up spilling over into negatives for search engine results from Google for WordPress users?

    Sorry that was this thread.

    Also, worth noting that the problems with alignment are at least as bad with Adbrite (which breaks CSS because of a <p /> in their code) as with Adsense, so cutting off the flow of information because you’re peeved at Google is counterproductive even if you want to encourage the non-Google products.

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  • No, this is not a Google feud.

    The matter of how much support that is provided for Adsense has been discussed before here, and on the mailing list and at the last irc meetup.

    Google is a company whose stock is fantastically valued.
    Google and how to play / use it is the topic of hundreds of web pages.

    This is a WordPress support forum. Every time someone posts here with an Adsense problem – and we are getting more and more – then a genuine WP problem is knocked down the list. Just because we have a fast and friendly forum does not mean that we can or should start providing support for other products. I certainly feel the same way about any other ad company, flickr or whatever.
    As for negative results ?? What ? From where does that come from ? The answers to virtually ALL the problems anyone can have with Adsense can be found by searching these forums – hey, they can even use Google to do that. We are talkinghere about people who want to make cash from their blog – fine, great, no problem, but first do some work for that, and second, do not inconvienience WordPress users if you want to do that.

    As for the link not being helpful – Google DO think it’s helpful.

    This is not a feud. It is just a case of remembering that these forums exist for people with WordPress problems – and Adsense does not fall into that. Last week I counted more than half the posts on the main page here were to do with supporting non-WP products, so in some ways it’s no wonder people with genuine WP problems start doing the *bump*.

    I don’t want to argue just to argue, but it seemed that his specific problem was with aligning something within a WordPress theme.

    That something happened to be a Google ad, but it could have been an Adbrite ad, a photo or just some text that he wanted to add to his blog. That seems to be a a WordPress issue. That the specific thing he was trying to align was from Google appeared to make it somehow “not a WordPress issue”. The page you referenced is very helpful, but it doesn’t answer the question of how to align something within a WP theme, which was what he was asking. And if you didn’t want to answer his question because you felt it had already been answered, so be it. You answer lots of questions for lots of people – you don’t have to answer all of them.

    And the answer to aligning anything is to use css, examples of which are scattered throughout the forums.

    I know I do not have to answer all of the questions – I don’t even try – but we are already seeing people say things like “My host said to ask here” or “I know this isn’t a WP issue but I was told I could ask here..” The simple fact is that as WP gets larger then there is an increased chance that someone will post here about non-WP issues that have either been covered before or are adequately covered elsewhere.

    When do we draw the line ?
    When do we say enough is enough ? Do we wait for WP users to start yelling ? Complaining that the forums are useless ? That we have lost our support focus ?

    The line for non-WP product support needs drawing, and I certainly feel that Adsense has had a fair run of time here.

    Fair enough. I appreciate all your tips and suggestions and don’t want to see you overwhelmed.

    Since there are lots of issues of integrating non-WP things into WP (from Flickr to various advertising to forum software) has any thought been given to setting up a specific forum for those topics that could be handled by people with an interest in the specific topics? Then you could feel free to ignore it. 🙂 Just a thought.

    I think that is an excellent idea and unless someone comes up with an alternative that can handle the traffic, I’ll put it down for the next meetup.

    Hmmm…stupid question. #wordpress-meetup on what IRC network?

    It’s right now 🙂

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