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  • First of all, I have created a premium support ticket and it has been over a week without a response.

    Second, I have implemented the Google Drive sync plugin and while it seemed to be working, after a few weeks, my site has slowed down to a crawl – page loads of 10 -20 seconds. The reason appears to be the growth of the wp_options table from less than 1 MB to over 7 GB. That growth is caused by the plugin adding transient rows that never get deleted and by the fact that these rows are, apparently, being autoloaded for every page. Deleting these rows brings the site back to normal speed, but the plugin needs to be fixed or a garbage cleaning function added to eliminate these rows. Otherwise, this problem will keep occurring.

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  • I am having the same problem. My options table has grown exponentially and I am now experiencing over 7 sec response time when WordPress core executes the wp_load_alloptions() call. In checking the options table, there is a proliferation of entries from filebase pro such as _transient_wpfb_googldrive_files. My site is unusable as a result. What can be done to resolve this problem???

    As a temporary solution, I have been manually deleting the problem transient records with phpMyAdmin and I have turned off automatic sync in the FB Pro settings. It appears that syncing is when the option table records are generated.

    I am hoping that the author will at least respond to my support tickets and help come up with a solution. It has been several weeks and no response from the author.

    I am considering a cron job that does the deletes periodically after I turn syncing back on.

    Fortunately, the deleting of the records has improved the page loading and response time.

    I used cPanel to go in and delete the hundreds of transient Filebase Pro Google Drive transient entries from the Options table. This has solved my performance problem. I will keep an eye on it to see if the syncs recreate the problem. I also was using Updraft to do backups to Google Drive. I am not sure if that is related to the problem but I doubt it.

    Still no solution to this problem other than me having to manually delete these transients almost daily to preserve the performance of my website? Surely this problem can be corrected!

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