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  • There is no direct integration with Google Docs and even those documents stored there and shared publicly do not embed reliably with their viewer (ironically), so at this time that use is not supported by the plug-in.

    Based on my testing, Google has been 100% perfect however your plugin has caused me hours of problems.

    First time it made the entire posts content hidden

    Second time it simply didn’t display anything

    Never had a problem hosting content on Google Docs and displaying it in WordPress.

    My advice is to upload your content directly to Google Docs and embed using Google Docs code.

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  • Plugin Author k3davis



    GDE is not designed to embed documents from Google Docs. I wish that I had more foresight when selecting the plugin name 2+ years ago, but it’s named after the fact that it uses Google Viewer apart from Google Docs – a solution Google has offered for translating docs that people host locally, not behind their service. Also, unfortunately, a service that (like so many Google offerings) has only been partially developed and tends to languish.

    If you want to store your docs in Google Drive then by all means follow your method, in fact as you quoted my plugin doesn’t even attempt to handle that scenario. The purpose of my plugin is to allow local hosting and to automate that tedious process to some degree. How “reliable” my plugin is depends a lot on your own environment and the settings you choose. At its base it is a straight up Google embed and it works reliably for thousands of users. No, it’s not perfect, as more than 50% of the equation isn’t even under my control as the plugin author. But it does work, and if you want help, feel free to ask. Otherwise, I’m happy to hear your suggestions for improvement.


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