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  • Hi again,

    please take a look at this link:

    the post about the quilted jacket displays the hotlink defence picture. It must have been indexed 2 months ago. Once I noticed it, I turned off your plugin because I was afraid all pictures would end up looking like that. Any idea whether it could be fixed?

    Hi, not working for me !!!

    Server not found
    Firefox can’t find the server at

    First of all I need to see some “not working” example , to know what to answer !

    Hi again … plugin updated.

    I tested a Google Custom Search and I realized what it was about.

    The problem with this f** google, is that there is NOT a predictive behavior. Some thumbs-images are generated correctly, while others do not.

    I view the issue in my own custom search via, i searched for articles with recent topic “Galaxy S3” here

    And yes, its a random problem.


    – I do not know if this will solve the problem,
    – we can not know until google regenerate images again.
    – I do not even know how often google regenerate images.

    P.S. After update do not forget to enter in plugin configuration and use the “Update Options” button. You should not delete the cache.

    BTW: modify “Hotlink Image Transparency” from 65 to 50 or lower … images wll be more clear, but all with watermark. (Watermark png opacity is from “Watermark Opacity Value”.)

    However, you still have to wait until google will regenerate thumbs-images … and nobody knows how when!

    It seems like google just generates old pieces irregularly. The best way to test it is to do it with new content because it should be indexed within just a few days after it was posted. At least, that’s the experience I had in the past.

    Thanks for looking into it. I am obviously not the only one to experience it, just the first one to mention it.

    Are you testing it right now?

    until now, so far it seems that not all watermarked-images have disappeared from custom-search …

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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