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  • well u just need to change the search url ?

    instead of put something like : ?

    and change the value of cx

    a query look something like :

    so those variable are added :

    q=wordpress // the keyword

    cof=CX%3AChaaban%2520Search%2520Engine%3BFORID%3A0 // search engine name ?

    client=google-coop // related to google

    I see you have been working on it too, Chaaban. 🙂 But your search results are showing offsite, on google. What I am hoping to do it get the results showing within my pages… like the the Indigo guys have done…

    When I put both pieces of the google coop code into a wordpress page, it does not show any listing when returning the search results.

    What I select the ‘view results on Google’s page” option, yes, I see results. But not when I select results on my site (and having put both code snippets on the page). Any ideas?

    nop :s i never worked on it , first time i heard about it now 🙂

    just saw a link from you …

    i have some work now , i will make a test on a blog maybe in the night and let you know how it goes .

    Thanks 🙂

    search.php in my template uses the JavaScript from the CSE; “search” is an empty page that uses the search template.

    So it’s a case of editing a special page’s template rather than just bunging the Google JS into a page’s content?

    You never put a code into the “content”. It is much better to insert whatever code you have/need into a Page Template > then create a new Page using that template. In most of the cases with some special code – you don’t even need to put anything in the content area…
    [see the Templates section]

    Have there been any updates to this? I’m really interested in implementing the Coop CSE into my site…

    Just looking for a plugin to make this process easier and noticed this thread. Awhile back, I integrated into a website that I operate on wordpress.

    1. You first need to create a page on your worpdress installation that will host both the google search box and the search results code. You need to do this first so you can get the link that the search box will submit to.

    2. On Google, in your customer search engine visit the “code” page and put the url for your wordpress page in the “Search box and search results code for your website” section.

    3. Back on the edit screen for the page you created in wordpress, paste both the search box and the search results code for your Google cse into the page. Make sure you are on code view.

    I hope this helps…now off to see if I can find an easy plugin for the same. Please post it if you find it.

    Has anyone seen a good tutorial on doing this in WordPress? Or perhaps a plugin?

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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