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  • I do believe that code should have a bit more to it that goes in your head section…

    for instance mine looks more like

    <link rel="publisher" href=""/>

    yes mine too I dont know why it reformatted like that

    it is different format to yours i wonder if its worth swapping it around a bit

    <a href="" rel="publisher">Google+</a>

    you need to post any sort of code in backtics to show up properly on the forums here – then it shows up in a fancy box like my example above

    backtic is on the same key as the tilde…. the wiggly line, top left of your keyboard under Esc

    The code you are posting is an actual link and will not work in the head section of your website, it is for making actual links in content of a webpage.

    Ar eyou trying to link your pages to show ownership of the website? That’s what my code example is used for, I want to make sure we are speaking of the same thing

    Pardon, new at this! this is the code on the google+ page
    <a href="" rel="publisher">Google+</a>

    I’m still not entirely sure what you are trying to do?

    My code goes up in the head section to link the 2 pages together so that Google+ knows you own your website

    The code you are showing is an actual link which would go into content, it might work within a menu or something – perhaps the menu link to your profile page showing you own the page.

    no I’m trying to do the same as you – just for google to know the page is mine. i’ll try reformatting the code like yours and see what happens.
    Thanks for your assistance

    I looked over my pages, and here is what I have…. the code up above shows google that you own the page I believe

    To show that I am the author as well, I have an about me page on my website. I use the menu generator to make my menus, so I added the ‘About Me’ page to my menu, and in the generator there is a spot called Link Relationship (XFN) for menu items, it that spot for my ‘About Me’ page, I put in author

    Those 2 things together seem to work well for me

    I tried redoing the code in the same format as yours but still no joy. odd because its the 7 or 8th page links that we’ve done like this (admittedly not to wordPress) and there’s been no problem

    How and where are you inserting this code?

    copying the code into Appearance/editor/header(header.php) just before the

    <link rel="publisher" href=""/>

    That should work just fine, can I have a link to your site to see?
    G+ page
    if you want to send me an email I can give you access to have a look at the code
    Thanks for your help

    we are using the7 theme our website top link add social icons we are updated only google+ link they show only this link we want rel=”publisher” how can add this please let me know we are trying one week but still not updated.

    please some one updated this query ASAP

    my website link is

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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