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    I recently got an email from google saying I cant sell items on my site (why i do not know! ) they ask me to put some code into my page to show a “not available with google checkout image” but I have no idea how or where to put it or if it is even possible. If I dont do it they will ban me from google checkout!

    All for selling some herbs that are all legal and available in any health store.

    Any help would be much appreaciated ! My template has google checkout built into it. Below is the email.

    During a recent review, we found that products or services on your website
    appear to violate Google Checkout content policies:
    Unacceptable product category: Drugs & Drugs Paraphernalia
    Please note that Transactions for synthetic or herbal drugs are
    prohibited. This includes controlled substances, narcotics, illegal drugs,
    and drug accessories, including psychoactive and herbal drugs such as
    salvia and magic mushrooms and materials promoting their uselegal

    Some herbal drugs may be marketed as plants but are hallucinogenic when
    eaten, brewed, or smoked. These are also prohibited.

    To avoid having your account suspended, you must display the Google-hosted
    ‘not available’ button for products that are unacceptable under our
    content policies. To display these buttons, please use the following code
    snippet (replacing ‘XXX’ with your merchant ID):

    Please visit
    for more information about setting the disabled parameter and other
    parameters for Checkout buttons.

    Your account will be reviewed again after 5 business days. If the
    requested edits have not been made, your account will be suspended.

    Please visit for
    more information about our content policies. You may also wish to check
    your website against our Integration Checklist at as
    following these guidelines will help you create a positive buyer
    experience on your website and will ensure that you are compliant with
    Google Checkout’s program and content policies.

    If you have additional questions, please visit our Help Center at

    Kind regards,

    The Google Checkout Team

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  • esmi


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    why i do not know!

    Try reading the email that they sent to you. This has nothing to do with WordPress.

    why doesnt it have anything to do with wordpress? My site is made using wordpress and the code has to go somewhere into the wordpress site and i cant see how to do it even after going to the pages the email recomends so i thought maybe someone might know. My attempts just left a peice of code floating around as words.



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    What you sell on your site has nothing to do with the content management system that you are using. WordPress will not “insert” drug related products on your site – although a hacker might. Have you checked to see if your site has been hacked?

    I am not sure you understand what I am asking. Google has asked me to insert some code into my webpage to show “google checkout not available for this product”

    My site is made with wordpress. the code needs to go into one of the pages to show this button to people trying to buy things using google checkout. But I do not know how/where to put the code they asked to do this. And since my page is made in wordpress I thought this would be the place to ask.

    As for drug related products i dont sell any its google being stupid , i did a search and found they also told another company they couldnt sell Sage (sage and onion stuffing etc ) and they had to impliment the same code.

    You’ll have to modify your theme. Ask the theme developers for help, or at least post what theme you’re using so someone familiar with the theme can help.



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    What ecommerce plugin are you using?

    My theme is WPstore 1.6.2 by templatic. I have just sent them mail hope this can be sorted i might just ditch google checkout seems they are rather narrow minded and have strange ideas about what you can or cant sell

    Its not a plugin the theme i have seems to have a few payment options built in like paypal, bank transfer, checkout2, worldpay etc etc + google checkout



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    Then you’ll have to wait for Templatic to get back to you. Only they know how the theme is generating the Google base feed. In the meantime, suspend Google checkout.

    Just got a reply they wont help with changing anything to do with the checkout guess im stuffed then.



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    Just drop Google Checkout?

    /edited… nevermind

    After sending alot of angry emails to google they have now reinstated my google checkout and given me the money they owed me so it seems you can get google to play nice if you have the time to send a few emails . Still doesnt answer why they decided to ban me in the first place. All very odd

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