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  • Hi,

    I recently got my blog up and running again after it had been hacked. It was completely reset and reinstalled and I installed the Better WordPress Security plugin to stop it being hacked again.

    I had no problems whatsoever sorting out its format or its settings, and had already published 2 posts. Upon publishing the 3rd, google chrome wouldn’t connect to the blog. I get the same error message for the homepage, the admin page and cpanel when i try accessing them directly.

    How can I fix this?

    Thanks in advance!

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  • Check if your site is hacked again, it might be …

    If you will give link to your site, it can help

    Ditto. I was doing some routine work on a project, and it just stopped working: Chrome is giving me 500 error for anything (Firefox just doesn’t say anything and doesn’t load anything).

    I’m running 3.5.1, the website isn’t even public (I never used the URL publicly, let alone feeding it to Google). It is hosted on a VPS and is the only website there. I’m also running Linux on desktop, and none of my other projects were hacked, so the chance it’s a virus/trojan is near 0.

    I also backed up all content and the database, and did a clean reinstall: all new wp-* folders, a whole new DB (didn’t even backport content from the existing tiny 700KB large db). I still cannot get even to wp-admin/install.php: still same 500 error.

    It’s also not the host: I can install and run drupal just fine. The VPS has 512MB memory, php.ini is set to 128MB limit.

    I can’t access my blog page or login to it — even though I was able to yesterday and a friend was just there a few minutes ago. I am not tech savvy. What do I do now?

    @prokoudine and @deborah – this thread belongs to the OP – despite any similarities, you need to start your own threads if you need help. Unless your site is on the same server, same theme, same plugins, it’s not the same issue.

    Thanks, WPyogi. My “newbie-ness” is showing.


    Excuse me, what plug-ins? A clean install and a clean database. No plugins, no extra themes.

    As for “not same issue”, if you google around, you’ll see that there’s quite a few people who upgraded to 3.5.1 in last few weeks and got same symptoms.

    OTOH, after several days of struggles the bug went away for me. I’m not entirely sure exactly what I did to fix it, but it’s fixed. At least, for now.

    I was not answering your question – as this is not your thread. My comment meant that unless your site is on the same server, using the same theme and the same plugins as the OP, then you do not have the same issue and should therefore start your own thread. We’ve found that these forums do not work well to have multiple people trying to get help in the same thread.

    Same symptoms does not mean same problem or same solution.

    I’m glad your issue is fixed.

    In the future, if you need help, please start your own thread.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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