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  • artsponge


    I’ve wanted to switch from FF to Chrome for a while now, but early on I realized that I couldn’t keep blogging with Chrome because when I try and insert images into my posts – I can’t drag the corners to resize them.

    In Firefox you can click and drag a corner in order to resize the image, but this can’t seem to be done on Chrome. I noticed this a couple versions ago, and newer versions haven’t solved this.

    Anybody know what’s causing this pb? I’m sure others have it too because I found other threads on it (but with no solution).


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  • RichardWPG


    You need to resize it from the initial start before you upload it.



    right, I know that, but it’s really not practical. When you’re working with pictures of different original sizes you can’t constantly be predetermining sizes.

    What I mean is: for my blog I need 640px-wide images. But I can’t always guess the height corresponding to this width. And it’s extremely easier to just drag the corner to 640px in width, and the height is automatically adjusted.

    I just don’t understand why FF has this ability and Chrome does not.

    Moderator Ipstenu (Mika Epstein)


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    When you’re working with pictures of different original sizes you can’t constantly be predetermining sizes.

    Well. That’s why you use image editor tools that do that for you.

    If you set one of your default image sizes to ‘640’ wide, though, it should be able to autosize for you in WP.



    Thanks for the suggestion Ipstenu, however I work more with images found on the web and downloading the image in order to adjust the dimensions seems more like a complication really.

    Just to be clear, this is what it looks like on firefox:
    – you can see the little nodes on the corners and half-way points where one can click-and-drag in order to resize.

    on chrome however, when you click the image all you get is this:

    I understand there are ways around this problem, like using an image editor and resizing it on my computer – but this only complicates the process. Most of the time I want to work solely on the web and not have to download the images on my laptop (these are not my images and I do not own them – it’s mainly for showcasing other people’s work).

    Thanks for the help!



    It’s strange to me that people are proposing solutions to a problem that makes it even more difficult than just switching browsers…

    For those of us that don’t want to constantly switch back and forth between photo editing software and wordpress just to do simple image resizes, this is a very annoying problem that needs to be fixed. I can’t believe that wordpress hasn’t addressed this issue yet.

    i’ve also just started using chrome, but have been using firefox for all my wordpress editing, since I tend to resize images a lot on the fly.



    thank you pnewcomb, I completely agree and don’t understand either.

    Why is this constantly overlooked in the wordpress updates? is it an integral pb with chrome or something that could easily be resolved?

    I really wish this could be addressed as I’ve read many other threads with people complaining about it and personally I’m sick of being forced to keep using Firefox.

    I agree. This sucks. Please fix bug. thanks!

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