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    Is there a good Google Chart ( plugin available?

    So far all I’ve found are plugins that are discontinued, not working or severely limited.

    Ideally, such a plugin would:
    1. Like Contact Form 7, creates multiple tabs by way of different charts.
    2. Also like Contact Form 7, each individual tab (chart) shall have a unique shortcode (eg. [google-chart-1]) that allows embedding into any page/post.
    3. Allow data-entry into a table within admin options (somewhat like Google Docs)
    4. Allow all of Google’s different chart types: Pie, Scatter, Guage, Geo, Table, Tree map, Combo, Line, Bar, Column, Area, Candlestick, Annotated timeline, Intensity map, Motion chart,
    5. Allow selection of colors (use default if unselected)
    6. Allow labeling of plot points

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    I have. It is one of the severely limited plugins I referred to in OP. It had potential but was last updated in June 2009, and is not updated or supported anymore.

    Several issues with the Google Chart Generator:
    1. One chart per WP installation…no more…that’s just crazy.
    2. Instead of returning a Google Chart, it outputs an image.
    3. Very few chart types
    4. Limited to 8 data points
    5. Sucky UI
    6. No shortcode

    Ok got it, just making sure. Thanks!



    For #1, I like the approach used by
    Contact Form 7
    and WordPress Simple Survey

    In their settings, they basically create a new tab for each new form/survey (and a new shortcode). The number of forms/surveys is not limited. This approach is simple, direct, easy to manage, and by no means limited to these 2 plugins.

    I’ll look at those plugins.

    I’m reviewing the Google Charts API and I’m absolutely amazed by how detailed this is. I understand now why nobody else has created anything remotely close to what you are looking for. I take back my statement, “The other stuff doesn’t seem too difficult at all!”

    How do you currently insert charts into your posts? Do you create graphics using the ChartTool and just insert the JavaScript code or image provided?



    It is not a couple of hours’ job, I know 🙂

    But it would be great if you could try it in a phased manner. I am happy to help with the testing etc.

    I am not sure, but I think ChartTool creates images (I think it uses Chart Images API as opposed to Google Chats API). I prefer the interactive charts..they seem more…alive! e.g. the pie chart on the API page mouseovers on data points reveal additional info…at the bottom of the box you can select other types of charts to see how this works with other types…

    Phased sounds good.

    After posting that last message, I realized that the generated JS* only creates images.

    I’ll keep researching and get back to you soon.

    * from the ChartTool

    Guys, I have been way to busy to work on the plugin over the last week, and it won’t change for at least few more. Maybe after that I’ll have time? If not, hopefully someone else will see this thread and have a head start with the requirements gathering.

    My apologies. 🙁



    Fingers crossed.

    Good luck with your project…hopefully you are able to wrap them up more easily/quickly than anticipated…

    Sounds good.

    May be I can try. Wish I am able to manage time for this.



    Good luck Ravi. I smack my lips in anticipation.

    Any progress raviraj?

    Yes, am looking for an easy way to embed google-motions charts in to wordpress. I believe “custom-fields” plugins will allow me to do this but I need a demo or guideline to show me the process? The plugin makers FAQ’s assume more knowledge than I have….

    Jablonski sorry I was little occupied with other work. I will update in one week for this. Sorry.

    keeping an eye on this post to see what comes up.

    me too…

Viewing 15 replies - 16 through 30 (of 52 total)
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