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  • Like many others, we upgraded to the latest version of Contact Form 7 which forces the use of Google Captcha v3. We also have the Contact Form CFDB7 plugin installed which stores form submissions. It looks to me like like the captcha is being defeated somehow – G-recaptcha-response is empty.

    Popup form
    2018-12-13 20:17:35
    First-name: BryanVOT
    Last-name: BryanVOT
    Phone: 88865189838
    Message: real online roulette <a href=>online casino</a> <a href="">online casino canada</a> us casinos online
    Submit: Send

    For valid submissions I see an entry:

    Popup form
    2018-12-13 18:27:49
    G-recaptcha-response: 03AO9ZY1Ch8Iqh1nSB532Zbw4jkIaGBbUwiaN6p5B9hPXe5fYdRYTl84K_ZRgFFuDB5AEEPwaVLCZ3aRW0t-UvDmJEMNFGtwUEKoAbUCjxAIe89A_TG3I6R9l7avMQmW2rm1YoU48EOPNOcKeUkSMqwf6T91nUQirwF_vhayeEDjWGy5cNmd4K1xrEHeHYF49wcDdBzNXmhqH4AAG_zz_pGeiyONYjRJymVXkyv9Yi0jMVygjYBfcap5LpGah_kERarQ7__hamSDkMcBagINVOGybvL1swLlLCutGJv9K5z26yCjTYllfitdGdAeER7XvldH9lk0KOGxAMvkN6fnrtwmRzYLDNiOrT1g

    We’re going to roll back to the prior version of the plugin so we can use the v2 captcha until this is resolved.

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    Another issue was that while testing we were never getting the ability to prove that the tester *wasn’t* a spammer. We’d just get a generic error message and “please try again later” and no way to submit the form.

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    And, for the record, it’s super lame that there isn’t more of a heads up in the release log or some other notification that doing this upgrade will *break functionality* of your website. I know it’s a free plugin and I appreciate the work and I know that WordPress’s workflow is bad in general when it comes to plugin updates but… I still have to say it.



    @zenmagnets You can download a previous version here:

    Just scroll to the bottom and use the dropdown menu to select the last version.

    If you ever need to do this with other plugins, go to the main download page for any plugin and on the right hand side there’s an option ‘Advanced View’ just above the ratings.

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