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  • I think I got it working, mostly. I think it’s a cache thing… I must have tried adding the calendar before I put any events in it, but I found a tip for some other plugin saying to add ?nocache to the end of the url, so I deleted the calendar and tried it, and it worked.

    However, it’s still not showing new events I added after that. Is that just a refresh interval thing? If so, is that interval determined by google or Event Organiser? (Judging by no events showing up between when I added it initially and figured out the ?nocache trick, if that’s it, the interval must be longer than a full 24 hours, which is no good.) Is there a way to force it to update at a shorter interval? (Like, every couple minutes, for testing purposes, and then something more reasonable later.)

    Plugin Author Stephen Harris


    Google decides how frequently to refetch the feed, and while I have to admit I do not know how frequently that is, I’m certain it’s much more frequent than every 24 hours. Do you have a cache plug-in installed? If you are, it may be that the plug-in is ignoring the nocache or that it is setting the headers incorrectly (e.g. telling Google there is no change, – which explains why deleting the feed and re-adding it seems to work initially).

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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