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  • I have updated some events in my Event Calendar. They are all showing properly on the calendar on my website, however, the feed to my Google calendar has not updated; it still shows the old information.
    -changes were made over 4 days ago
    -I have tried flushing all my caches on my website and on my browser
    -I have tried deleting the calendar on Google and re-adding it a day later
    -all of my plugins and themes are up to date

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Still no joy. Anybody? Ideas?

    I had to click on the Import Feeds button and actually hit the ‘Refresh’ button to get mine to update. Works fine for me.

    Where do you find the Import Feeds button and the Refresh button?

    Hover over Events in the left vertical bar of your dashboard, then click Import Feeds. Go to the “My Feeds” tab and click the feed name. Then you’ll see Refresh / Edit / Remove at the bottom right. Click Refresh and it will go out to the google cal and pull in your events and sync them.

    I hope this helps

    There is no ‘Events’ in my left bar. (I assume you mean my Main Google Account dashboard?)

    I realized you meant my WordPress dashboard (duh!).

    However, it is not an imported feed that I am having an issue with but rather the feed being exported from All-in-One Calendar to my Google calendar. It still shows the old data on my Google calendar

    I’m having the same issue as @linco — when I make changes to an event in the website-plugin-based calendar (such as an exception to a recurring event), the change doesn’t make it to those who have subscribed to the feed in Google Calendar. I logged into our account dashboard, but there aren’t any tools there connected with the free website calendar plugin (other than a link to our website in the “Calendars connected to Timely API” section at the bottom with “No available actions”). Any ideas about how to resolve this? (I’m about to submit a “Problem” report using the “Get Help” link in the dashboard)

    Unfortunately, won’t respond. They only respond to the paying customers and don’t support this plugin at all. I thought maybe it was a Google issue and went to them. They have responded that the problem is with the plugin, not Google Calendar, so still no solution. I am actively looking for another Calendar plugin for my website.

    @aztopdavid – Did you ever find a solution? I am about to ditch the plugin as I just can’t fix the problem

    No, we’re still struggling with possibly upgrading to a paid calendar, such as “Journey” from (aka “Web App”), which I think is an embed, rather than a native WordPress plugin. We only received an initial response from to our problem report about event updates not populating to subscribers, and it was mostly that we should consider the Web App instead.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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