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    Hi, great plugin! Reporting that the Google ID from the Private Address URL is not working with plugin version 2.1.0. I received the following error when attempting to use the Google ID from the private address (which I’ve successfully done in the past):

    Some data was retrieved, but could not be parsed successfully. Please ensure your feed settings are correct.

    I changed the calendar visibility to public and tried the public Google ID and it’s working successfully, but I’d like to move the calendar accessibility back to private if possible. Thanks!

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  • Same here.

    Updated to 2.1.0
    With public and with private Calendar ID.
    With your and new generated Google API Key.
    Waited some time.
    Cleared cache.
    Still the same message as above.

    Sorry. Not the same. For DevoWP it’s working on “public Google ID”. For me no public and no private is working.

    Same here. I’ve had to make all calendars public in order to show them on website. Does the current version allow private calendars and if so how?

    Thank you

    My calendars are no longer showing with this plugin. I was using the private calendar XML feed and had the same error (Some data was retrieved, but could not be parsed successfully. Please ensure your feed settings are correct).

    I’ve replaced the feed URL with the “calendar ID” (gmail address) and the error has gone away but no events are showing in my calendar widget any more.

    I don’t mind making all calendars public if that will help but I’m not sure how to do that – I only have one calendar and it is already public.

    Please can you assist?

    Many thanks

    Same problem here: public Calendars seem to be ok, but I have one private calendar which doesn’t display any more, and I can’t make this calendar public.

    Same issue. ICAL link keeps regenerating to an email address when I update it in the feed on wordpress. I also get the message about some information but not parsing correctly.

    thanks for all your hard work! it’s a great plugin

    Plugin Contributor Nick Young


    In the newest version you will need to use these instructions to find the ID:

    Also the plugin (as far as I know) should never have supported private calendar feeds, and unfortunately I now can’t go back to test and compare to help solve the issue. But now the calendars will need to be public in order for them to display.

    The calendar id that displays in the spot indicated in the instructions is the email address associated with the calendar – nothing more. I get a message that says some data found couldn’t parse, etc…

    or the site says “no events found.”


    Plugin Contributor Nick Young


    If you are getting “no events found.” that usually indicated that it is just not showing any events for that day. If there are events for that day I would try clearing the feed first. Then check your start min/max and start date offset times just to make sure they are correct.

    What kind of google account do you have? The calendar ID is not always the email address of the account.

    Here’s what I’m seeing; I use the calendar ID value from your directions, which for the sake of discussion is ‘’.

    I enter this in the “Google Calendar ID” field and save the form. If I go back and look at the form after doing this, the value has been changed to:

    Which feels wrong. And I’m getting 403s or 404s if use the HTML/iCal/XML URLs. Not sure what’s happening but would love to help troubleshoot this.

    Plugin Contributor Nick Young



    Are you updated to the latest version (2.1.2), it looks like you might be on an older version based on that information.

    Yep, I manually installed 2.1.2 ad tried again before posting this.

    Does the same thing if I try to create a new feed from scratch.

    Plugin Contributor Nick Young


    Could you post me a link to the page you are trying to get it working on please?

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