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  • There is little problem with the way breeze manage cache and clear it for do his reading file in 2 or 3 time… first he take HTML , then he take css , and finally he take happen that google do not take all those file same day. for exemple google mays comme back week after to load the JS file.
    problem , when i use breeze purge cache button , it delette the whole cache content, and if google need some js file well he can not get it since he got delete.
    there should be 2 button , one to do a total wipe out (with a carefull message) and one that just recreate the cache (but not delette old) that we can use when we update some file on website.

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    to improve a bit , i put this in my 404 page of my theme
    if(strpos($_SERVER[‘REQUEST_URI’], “/wp-content/cache/breeze-minification/css/”) !== false){header(“HTTP/1.0 410 Gone”);}

    it will generate a 410 when there is a visit in breeze cache and it dont find file.
    this is better for google since if he find 404 he comme back again and again to try to get the file , if he find a 410 he know its gone and dont try again to find the file.

    best is to still have the file for google…

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    should remove the CSS folder in code i gave

    if(strpos($_SERVER[‘REQUEST_URI’], “/wp-content/cache/breeze-minification/”) !== false){header(“HTTP/1.0 410 Gone”);}

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