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    The Real Nick W writes “WordPress, an incredibly popular Open Source Blogging system was found to be spamming google by inserting hidden links to junk content on high paying Adsense keywords such as mesothelioma and debt consolidation. Following Threadwatch picking up the story an anonymous Google rep appeared in the original thread admonishing bloggers not to use sneaky tactics to rank highly for “duplicate content” such as the 100,000 hidden articles on the WordPress site. The articles have now dissapeared from Google and it remains to be seen whether Google will ban WordPress outright as they tend to do when SEO’s and web dev’s pull these kinds of stunts.”

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  • oops, dupe ? sorry about that…
    Will keep an eye on de dev..


    Repeatedly closing these threads is bad form. If this issue is going to be discussed (which you have no control over), it would be better to have it discussed within the community, here on the forums.

    If I need to post this in the “Criticism” topic, I will. There are too many hypercritical non-WP-users out there talking smack about software that we care about dearly. One of the biggest defenses that we can offer is that WordPress listens to its community. Let us speak our minds.

    I can understand, that the devellopers want to keep bad pub. to a minimum, and i respect that. But this could be an interesting item, now with the big blogging software competition , and the relationship google-blogger ??

    I can understand, that the devellopers want to keep bad pub. to a minimum, and i respect that.

    Respect that? I definitely don’t!

    It’s not good what the did/do (check the source of, last few lines) . But maybe they want to come out with a publication of their own ? And start the discussion from that point on ?

    you mean this?
    Yeah, just noticed that myself… “-9000px;” ….hmmmm…

    Bummer… maybe a mistake?

    <div style="text-indent: -9000px; overflow: hidden;">
    <p>Sponsored <a href="/articles/articles.xml">Articles</a> on <a href="/articles/credit.htm">Credit</a>, <a href="/articles/health-care.htm">Health</a>, <a href="/articles/insurance.htm">Insurance</a>, <a href="/articles/home-business.htm">Home Business</a>, <a href="/articles/home-buying.htm">Home Buying</a> and <a href="/articles/web-hosting.htm">Web Hosting</a></p>



    And where is this found at?


    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    Matt is not in the country to defend himself.

    NO-ONE here has the slightest clue what the deal is / was – and do not for one moment pretend that you somehow know.

    There are many many places discussing this across the net, and if you want to preach, go do it to an audience that need it.

    You want to discuss it ?
    Fine, do so – but seeing as you will come up with no answers, and it will degenerate into some sort of abuse thread, I do not see the point. We get these threads every so often, and they are not contributed to by the decent WP users, we just get the ‘Anon’ posters using it to poke the coals over – and they do a damn good job.

    God this makes me sound like some sort of authoritarian – which I am most certainly not – but I am fed up with this one and like I said, seeing as not a single answer will EVER fall into this thread, why bother.

    Can’t say anything decent ? Then don’t post.

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    TG – View Source on the main index page. it’s at the bottom

    Moderator James Huff


    Just to clear a few things up:

    1. Google has not banned WordPress.

    2. A rebuttal from a WordPress employee can be found here:

    3. Read the following post before considering a reply to this topic:

    Thank you for your consideration. This is a support forum, we are trying to help individuals with real problems, please leave the politics out of it.

    There are ways to do this sort of thing “legitimately”. Once “white-hatted”, the site can apply for reinclusion…. Whether it’s necessary to get steamed over it the way those at TWorg have or not (yes, I’m a member there as well), I couldn’t say. I don’t “seo” myself – no need to.

    Really, any of it would have been okay had mention been made and had the links been in the open – at least that’s my personal feeling and take on it. It’s understandable that wp could use money from wherever – donations, aff cash, whatever works. The “under the covers” stuff just makes people think something’s rotten in Maraskan…. even when it’s not.

    So it is there. I find this odd. Perhaps the right thing to do is remove it for now until it can be properly discussed.

    Thanx for the pointers Macmanx.

    I also agree with Podz, the only answer can come from matt. It was not ( i believe and hope, i can’t speak for rob_n or anyone else for that matter) anyones intention of bad mouthing wp, or anyone else. I was just a little shocked about this, and only did read it on slashdot. I’m now gonna take a cup of coffee, and read the article on . Again, this was not a poke in the coals. I just discovered wp, and i’m in love now..

    So google bans only and not blogs?

    Moderator James Huff


    XeroCool, try reading the entire thread. Specifically #1 here:

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