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  • I use Google Apps with our domain but I’ve never used the Web Pages feature because it doesn’t seem very WordPress friendly.

    Is anybody doing anything cool incorporating Google Apps with your WordPress blog or Admin panel. I thought about setting the Google Apps start page to my WordPress dashboard, but it seems like the two don’t peacefully co-exist.

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  • so I take that as a “no” 🙂

    I am into this too… if you’ve founs something so far, can you please share about it? thanks! (one of the hosting options listed at has recently started optionally setting up hooks for Google apps –,,, and – when you set up a domain that’ll be hosted at Dreamhost.

    The WordPress installation is still separate in the “main” domain. Does this sound like a good solution?

    Not sure what you guys mean with integrating with Google Apps, but I am in a similar situation and have written a plugin to (ab)use Google Apps to authenticate my users. This plugin allows the users in our Google Apps domain to login in to our (externally hosted) wordpress installation (which is a closed environment for authenticated users only).

    It’s a kind of a hack, but instead of logging into wordpress separately, it redirects the user to Google Apps to request the user for authorization to access the user’s calendar. If tbe user accepts, Google will re-direct the user back to my wordpress installation and my plugin will find out using the token passed by Google who granted authorization. The user is then authenticated without having to sign-in again and we only have have to add new users centrally with Google (the plugin will automatically add new users when needed).

    It’s not fully integrated with Google Apps, but the best I could think of now until Google Apps authentication is open for 3rd party apps. So far this works good enoug and I am in the process of publishing this plugin (just need to add documentation and some additional checks here and there).

    Let me know if anyone is interested to test this already…

    lindenaar, THAT! sounds pretty interesting 😀 I am sure very interested in this, can you share the plugin to test its capabilities?

    Eric Amundson


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    I’d be very interested in beta testing that plugin for you. I have a client that uses Google Apps that will have a WordPress site and it would be great if we could do something like that.

    Feel free to get in touch with me directly – just click on my username to see my url.




    lindenaar — this is superb idea. can you share with us?



    Has anyone gotten the wpng-calendar to work?
    I tried installing it and it doesn’t work.

    It also produces som javascript error – which I can’t figure out what’s wrong.

    I installed the calendar manually, it wasn’t hard at all. I just made a page called Calendar, used a single column page template and added the javascript:

    @lindenaar I am interested in trying your plugin. I have very similar needs, with an internal, password protected, organizational blog and growing use of google apps. I would love to set up a single authentication system that then allows me to use our wp blog as gateway to the apps that we’re using.

    Hi RoseCitySiste,

    I wanted to put the calender in my Blog too. How did you do that. What do you mean “I added the javascript”. I cannot put the javascript in my Blog page? WP delete my javascript code if I try to save.
    Could you tell me please how did you do that?

    2nd question. I think I can use just one template for all my sites. Can I use separate template for calender page?



    just go on “Embed This Calendar”, that is what it seems rosecitysiste did…

    share this calendar > calendar details > embed option

    then you go on the link for customizing it.

    i am also interested in testing the google apps login plugin.

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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