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  • Hi,
    I have been playing with Geo Mashup for a while and am a big fan of this plugin. I am not much of a programmer and have come across the following problem today trying to use the ‘Earth plugin’ or google earth plugin on my website.

    STEP 1:
    Google earth plugin was not woking under ‘google v3’, site only displayed ‘maps’ but not ‘earth plugin’.

    STEP 2:
    Set settings to ‘google v2’ which enabled the ‘earth plugin’ and google earth was displayed on the website including all markers etc.
    In the wordpress admin section I got a message telling me I need to get a ‘Google API Key’, but the site was working fine.

    STEP 3:
    I returned to my website approx. 1 hour later but logged in from a different location (home network now, used University network before). The front end website does not load the map anymore but instead comes up with a window that prompts me to get a new Google API.

    STEP 4:
    Set up google API account, activated Google v2 and Google v3 under Services in the API account. Obtained an API key and copy and pasted the key under the Setting > Geomashup > API Key in wordpress. I followed the instruction regarding the URL excluding ‘www.’ even tried including ‘www.’, used the same URL that I used under WordPress > Setting > General. I then tried using a different API Key and set up a ‘new browser’ API ..
    nothing worked!!

    STEP 5:
    Strange thing is that it worked first without entering the API Key but then stopped. Then after getting an API key it stopped working all together.

    I can still use Geo Mashup under ‘google v3’ but it doesn’t give me the Google ‘Earth Plugin’ option that I am after.

    Any ideas on how to get Google ‘Earth Plugin’ working under ‘google v3’ or how to get my API Key working? My understanding is that ‘google v2’ will be discontinued in May 2013 so maybe ‘google v3’?

    Hope this all makes sense.

    P.S.: Otherwise awesome plugin 🙂

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Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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