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  • I have used your plugin for years; have even donated; and although, it is not your fault. Googles choice to require a credit card just to display a map (coupled with the plugin’s inability to even show my stores locations without an valid API) has forced me to change my review of this plugin to the negative.

    I use this plugin, not only on my websites; but on my hundreds of customers websites. It is one of my default plugin installs. I cannot and will not go to each of those customers (some I have had no need to contact in years) and ask them for their credit card details…

    I would like to see this plugin to evolve to use other maps (perhaps Bing); and at the very least, show all my stores in the list even if the map is not being displayed, as a fall back.

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  • Plugin Author Tijmen Smit


    I do share your frustration with the Google API key / credit card policy, but the whole point of the plugin was to show locations on Google Maps based on the users input, not to show text based list.

    If I do include a text based list, then I can guarantee you that I will have people asking for a search feature with the option to limit the results to x miles / km, which requires coordinates, which you only get with an API key.

    I don’t think I would ever want to hold on to credit card details for hundreds customers, they would have to create the API keys themselves and setup their billing account when the site is created. Those steps are explained here.

    This has indeed become a problem now, so I have been working on rewriting the JS code the last couple of months so that it also works with OpenStreetMaps, and can more easily be extended with other map providers. But this is so much work, in combination with other issues that need to be solved that that update won’t be ready soon.



    Google changing their policy is a really, really stupid reason to give a 1-star rating to a plugin developer after benefiting off their work for years. You should really revert this rating.

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    @tijmensmit… I am not saying, get ride of the Google Maps Responsiveness. I am saying, put in a text fallback, so that users of your plugin are not left high and dry… I wasn’t even aware that visitors to my sites weren’t even seeing the address to those businesses. At least if the address showed; they could search on the web for directions. As it is, they see nothing useful.

    I like your plugin; I really do… It’s just for me; does it work as it should or as it has; and at this point; it doesn’t; not even a little. 🙁

    @pekkagaiser… My rating is based on the plugin’s ability to function; at this time; it does not function as it has. When it does; I will of course revise my rating.



    The plugin *does* function. That you are unwilling to create billing accounts for your clients is not the plugin author’s responsibility and negatively rating the plugin because of it is incredibly self-centered.

    Repurposing the plugin for other map providers is a reasonable suggestion, but not something one can reasonably demand from the author of a free product. It’s a lot of work.

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    The plugin does not work @pekka. My visitors should at least be able to see my locations wither or not the map is working because of my or my clients refusal to enter credit card details. It sadly does not; hence it does not work for me or my clients.

    I am not going to argue this further. I will look forward to the plugin being updated and for a time when my rating can me changed back to a five star rating. But at this time; it can’t as it don’t work (for me).

    Just a side note… All plugin’s work for someone (perhaps just the creator). Should every plugin get a five star rating? NO! Ratings are based upon user experience; the entire experience.

    Psst.. Brian, you should check your site, you don’t have set a Google maps Javascript API/Billing account. Guess you’re gonna blame Google for their bad UX?

    Really poor judgement by rating this plugin like you did.

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