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  • Are we seeing the death of Pagerank? I have tons of sites that are linking to my site and I have a PR5 on my site. My issue is that if most of these sites are now taking the NOFOLLOW rule then my links on all those sites will be rendered useless. Hence bringing my site PR down and that will kill my top 10 Google listing. I’ve noticed about 30 of the sites I’m linking from have added the NOFOLLOW. I’ve sense falling in rank because of that.

    WTF is going on and what are we all going to do with this?

    Is there some new algorithm that is going to be pushed out?

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  • Don’t buy or exchange links with sites that nofollow your links. If the nofollowed links are freely given, then just appreciate any free traffic they may bring.

    Unless you are into link buying or selling, I wouldn’t worry about pagerank. It does not directly correlate with ranking and besides, Google does not reveal the current, actual pagerank in its toolbar. Google is into authority and freshness now, and it’s been my experience that even nofollowed links from Google-trusted sites like Wikipedia can improve a page’s ranking, possibly because it gives it greater authority.

    Not sure how Google can do that via wikipedia because if the nofollow is there, how can the googlebot find it?

    As for freshness, are you talking about keeping your site fresh with new content on the main page like a blog site? Because there are top 10 sites on Google that are stagnant and have been for over a year.

    Nofollow have no value in regards to link juice or passing value. They don’t get followed at all (by Google), but Google can still find nofollow links from other sources which naturally link to you without a nofollow attribute — so if you have a link on Wikipedia, it is almost certain others are linking to you or scraping the Wikipedia page — therefore links are created and value from other sources is passed.

    To learn more about NoFollow I’d suggest reading the following:

    If you use the nofollow in strategic manners, you can control the flow of link juice on your own pages. It took me some time to warm up to the nofollow attribute, but it does make the web a better place once you understand its purpose.

    I have started adding internal nofollow links as well. Just to streamline things.

    Plus it has an added environmental value. It saves the bot time and energy.

    Using template files for internal links you can make the process efficient for yourself.

    Do be careful that you add the links in the right place, so as not to complete cut off the internal links of your site.

    By the way I am not recommending adding “no follow” to anyone right now, merely exploring the functionality myself.

    The keywords in your original post being:

    if most of these sites are now taking the NOFOLLOW rule

    Unless you are exchanging links with other webmasters that are mindful of their SEO efforts, don’t worry about it. Unless the other webmasters are mindful of SEO, they won’t take the time nor trouble to no follow their links.

    And I would agree….if the entire web “no followed” then following that logic, Google wouldn’t index a thing. I believe that “no follow” is a very small part in the algorithm and at certain times can be useful.

    I know that sites are using the nofollow for spamming reasons and if you look at WikiPedia, they are using it now. That will render their PageRank a big fat ZERO. So, will they still show up in the top of the results? Since Google loves Wiki, it might. Time will tell.

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