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  • Hi,
    this is all very new to me so bare with me!
    The company I work for recently had a website converted into a WordPress blog. I have opened a Google Analytics Account and installed the Google Analytics Dashboard for WP version 4.2.4.

    I did all the steps with the access code etc and the Googel Analytics dashboard is showing up on my WordPress dashboard but the page visits etc aren’t polling. I have checked my Google Analytics account under the Tracking Info and at first it said it couldn’t detect the tracking ID on my WordPress site, but when I logged out and back, now it says Status: Tracking Installed.

    Am I missing a step here?
    I have seen that it says “This is your tracking code. Copy and paste it into the code of every page you want to track” – I haven’t done this as I don’t know where I am supposed to copy and paste it on WordPress? (I told you I was very new to this).

    Please help!

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  • Hi LeahMCassidy,

    you should paste the tracking code to your site, usually in the footer. Otherwise Google Analytics can’t track your traffic. If you are using a plugin, there must be a setting somewhere to either add the tracking code (and the plugin will add it to your site) or to enter your Google Analytics Tracking ID. Some WordPress themes do also provide options to add a tracking code.

    Feel free to provide your url so that I can check if your tracking code has already been added to your site.


    Thanks for writing back Michael, I have spent hours on this!
    I am using the Google Analytics Dashboard for WP but couldn’t find anywhere to add the tracking ID.

    I just read this –

    which said to add it into the header. I have done that and now the dashboard says I’ve had 1 visitor but still doesn’t seem to be working properly (i.e. the real time function etc).

    It would be great if you could have a look for –

    Once again I appreciate you help.

    Leah 🙂

    Hi Leah,

    ok – I checked your site and it seems the code is included in the header and if it’s counting visitors now, it’s a good sign! 😉

    So now only the real time function isn’t working? If that’s the case, you might want to open a thread in the support forum for the plugin, maybe the plugin developer or other users of the plugin can help you with this:


    Thanks again for your help Michael.
    Silly question but does the analytics only track your visitors from the date the code was added or can it pick up views prior to this as well?

    Hi Leah,

    you’re welcome! 😉

    Tracking will begin from the time when you have added the tracking code, not before. The tracking code is actually the “counter”, so visitors who came before you have added the tracking code, are not included in the stats.


    I thought that was the case but just wanted to confirm.

    I have posted a query in regards to the real-time to the support forum for the plugin.

    Thanks again,
    feeling a little less overwhelmed now!

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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