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  • I’m having difficulty getting the Google Analytics Site Overlay feature to show any data for the wordpress portion of my site. I assumed that was due to the fact that all my URLs are rewritten (I use permalinks with the category/postname structure), but I didn’t find much information googling on it, and if no one else’s wordpress was working with Google A., I’d expect to find more complaints.

    Has anyone gotten GA’s site overlay to work correctly with their custom-permalinks installation of wordpress?

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  • Does the silence mean I’m the only one with this problem?

    Still hoping to hear from someone …

    I am using GA on my site and it is working fine. I am using the year/month/day/post-name permalinks though

    And the site overlay feature is working for you?

    Thanks for responding …


    Are you using a Plugin for this? Google Analytics made some modifications to the way they spit out stats awhile back. I know this is affected the Joe Tan plugin worked at: Perhaps whatever you’re using requires a similar upgrade?

    Actually I just manually put the javascript code into the footer of my template. So I don’t think it’s a plugin problem (unless another plugin is somehow interfering). But I appreciate the input.

    Unless manually putting in the code poses a problem with wordpress?

    Did you put your ID when you inserted the GA Code?

    Yes, the ID is in there, and G/A works just fine in general for my site. It’s only the Site Overlay tool that does not work. I actually checked Site Overlay on some of my other wordpress blogs with the date-style of permalink configuration and it doesn’t seem to be working there either. The rest of G/A seems to work just fine.

    Has anyone gotten GA’s site overlay to work correctly with their custom-permalinks installation of wordpress?

    Yes. On a domain I have 3 separate installation of WP: two in their own subfolders and one in/on a subdomain. All of them are using nice permalinks.
    Everything in GA works fine if I enter those 3 URLs as separate “sites” for GA to watch.

    Thanks, appreciate it. That’s encouraging to know.

    Now if I can just figure out what I’m doing wrong with my sites …

    For what it’s worth… I just checked mine and it works too.

    Thanks, HandySolo. Appreciate it.

    Mine also works.

    Blakekr – what’s not working, or what are you not seeing?

    When you try and use the overlay thing, do you see anything in your web server log or error log?

    The site overlay report does not work with URL rewrite filters
    Analytics Help Centre

Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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