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    If you look at this Mailchimp link to their Google Analytics integration directions, they say there should be some setting somewhere in my email automation to turn on Google Analytics tracking for that workflow. When I follow, their directions, there is no, “edit settings” option anywhere. I tried looking everywhere for this option to turn on Google analytics tracking. Their tutorial doesn’t explain how to sync a regular email campaign with Google Analytics either and I can’t find any retroactive option in my campaign to turn this on. They also say I should be able to set the title of different emails in a series for Google Analytics tracking purposes. I can’t find such an option.

    I have automation for abandoned cart, new signup, and Ecommerce emails (order confirmation and order cancellation). None of them have any setting anywhere for Google Analytics. Not in the “edit recipients”, “edit from name”, or anywhere in “edit design”. The only integration toggle option I could find is to sync my archives with Google Analytics option in my audience settings.

    When I go to my Analytics 360 screen for each campaign, it states, “Analytics tracking was not enabled for this campaign. Want to track traffic and revenue generated on your next campaign?” This seems to imply that Mailchimp’s attitude is that if I didn’t have it setup/didn’t check the toggle for Google Analytics the during setup that I’m screwed… is Mailchimp serious??? I spent hours designing each email for each campaign! Is this honestly the only answer to my problems???

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    Hi @natip100, thanks for reaching out, but the question you’re posting is outside the functionality of the plugin, and it would be best suited for the support team at Mailchimp to review. They would be able to access your account and investigate further. You can reach out to their excellent customer service team via this support link. You should be able to chat with them and take things from there.

    Thanks again for reaching out, let us know if there’s anything related to the plugin that we can answer.

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    Yeah I figured it migjt be a no-go but it’s also directly tied to my e-commerce campaigns mostly which is an integration with this plug-in. Still, I get your point.

    Unfortunitely, Mailchimp is uninterested in helping unpaying users who find errors in their tutorials and/or missing features that they claim to offer. It’s really demotivating to consider paying for their service in the future when I grow tbh.

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