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    Hi There,

    I have added code to footer, etc.
    I have tried a go..

    For other sites comes through straight away…
    (code installed – tracking installed in google)

    1.Does WP take longer?
    2.Is it possible there is google tracking through domain name? Some web system?
    3. Or through core WP files, as I have added new template so anything should have gone, there is no other plugin that I can see that will have another google analytics setting..

    I see the google code in page source view, so is there?

    Just a time thing?

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  • What’s your URL?

    What plugin did you use? Do you have a cache plugin that’s not cleared?

    I see the google code in page source view, so is there?

    If you can see the code by browser’s “view source”, then it is there.

    Thanks but google analytics says
    “code not installed”

    is it a time thing, because it always seems to be immediate..

    I also use “really simple analytics install” plugin,
    same thing,

    must a time issue with GA?


    It must be then.

    Did you move your site, or changed domain name DNS or Records? If yes, then that will take some time to be propagated, so GA can find your site.

    Thank you No, but you have given me a clue, – I am not hosting this site – but I remember client saying something about email is another server(old) – there maybe some weird set up, could it be that?

    I have this part from the email from client,

    What this means in English: everything still runs on your old webserver (especially email to avoid a migration!) EXCEPT the website, which runs on WordPress running on the new webserver hosted by BlueHost.

    Could this effect it, I dont think so…


    This is still the message I get seeing the GA code in the browsers ‘view source code’…

    Status: Tracking Not Installed
    Last checked: May 8, 2013 8:09:43 PM PDT
    The Google Analytics tracking code has not been detected on your website’s home page. For Analytics to function, you or your web administrator must add the code to each page of your website.


    The detection method is not immediate. The best way to tell, if you’ve got it set up for it, is to open the “Real Time” feature in Google Analytics and ping your site. If you pop up on the real time, you know you’re set up.

    Thanks DJDoubleXL189

    There is a real time stat, me 🙂

    Thanks – is working.. cheers

    Searched forever to find this. Thanks. Damn you GA!!!!

    Must take a while for tracking to “realize” it is tracking.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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