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  • Guys i have problem as i plugin google analytics….it says:
    “Google Analytics is not active. You must select which Analytics Profile to track before it can work.”
    Is there any solution?!

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  • I’m expecting difficulties with this plugin

    I installed this yesterday (had no problem with connecting with Google Analytics btw). But when I tried to log in this morning, the login screen keeps popping up.

    I found the solution on this website ( So deleting the plug-in and re-uploading the wp-config file fixed the login issue.

    But I wonder, is this a known issue with this plug-in or is this something that concerns my (server)settings or something?

    Hey carootj3,

    not really an issue that I’ve heard about before to be honest, in which way does my plugin have to do with it? Seems like more of a general WP issue?


    I upgraded my wordpress install and my server php (to 5 from 4) at about the same time. The 2 problems I had were the google analytics and I couldn’t upload new media, this turned out to be wp trying to upload to a new location but I’ve sorted this. I have now installed Ultimate Google Analytics and it is all working fine – all the blog information is now showing in analytics. I have de-activated Google Analytics For WordPress but I can’t delete it – I end up in the same circle of login screens, maybe it’s a wierd setting thing only I have but it’s not my analytics settings as the new plug-in is working fine.

    Sounds like you have a rights issue, where you FTP in with another account then your web server runs under… You’ll want to switch back btw, Google Analytics for WordPress is way better than Ultimate GA 😛

    @rigaud: check out the link above for problems with login in. The solution worked for me (re-uploading the wp-config file)

    hmm, maybe a more general issue perhaps. The same happened when I installed another plugin… (so everytime I add a plugin, it makes my login-procedure fail). Maybe an issue with server settings?

    yeah I think it is an issue with your server settings… Can’t help you there though 🙂

    So i can re-install your plug-in then i guess 😉

    I’m having a similar problem.

    Where can I find my UA code so I can enter it manually?

    Thank you.

    I have been having trouble registering my domain with Google Analytics–I changed hosting and the site was already listed with GA. I finally deleted that site, uninstalled the GA plugin, then began again with having the site verified. Next I created a GA account with the site, copied the Web Property ID in the Settings portion of WP, saved the changes but got an error. I was just going back to verify what the error messages was when I found this error when I tried to access Google Analytics in Settings: “You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page.”

    I would appreciate any help anyone can give me to get the web site to track.

Viewing 10 replies - 16 through 25 (of 25 total)
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