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  • I’m not really sure if this is an Analytics or WordPress problem, but I thought I’d go ahead and ask anyways.

    I am trying to exclude my IP address from the Google Analytics tracking from one of my websites. I have went into the Analytics admin panel, created a new profile, and added an exclude filter to that profile but it has no effect.

    More specfically, I used a ‘predefined filter’ to ‘exclude’ ‘traffic from the IP addresses’ ‘that are equal to’ [my IP address]. I am on a MacBook Pro and have tried two different IP addresses, one found from going to my network preferences for Wi-Fi and using that IP address, the other found by going to Google and typing in ‘My IP Address’ (they are different). I then applied that filter to my profile I created.

    When I go to the real time analytics, my views still seem to be tracked. I did some research but came up empty handed. Any ideas?


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