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    Heading to the forums as a last resort!

    I recently created a website for my partner, and for some reason, there is a GA code in the header above the website content. I have obviously put it there but I don’t know how… There is a space in the theme settings that let’s you add the code, but I’ve removed it from there.

    I’m using a plug-in called Google Analytics Dashboard for WP which connects in a different way and was added months after this code appeared.

    I checked my upload files in my FTP manager to check I didn’t upload an HTML file trying to do something (I first started building this in May between actual client work so the memory isn’t so good!). I’m a graphic designer so this isn’t exactly my forte!

    If anyone has any ideas or suggestions, it would be greatly appreciated!

    Website in question:

    Thank you!

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  • the code is written on the white bar.

    if you pressed F12 for the console the white bar will disappear so press F11 to get the full screen. and the bar will appear again.

    i will try to find how to remove the code.

    Thank you, I’m on a mac so those shortcuts don’t actually work, you can see the code whether you are logged in or not. Any help would be welcome!

    this called inspect element

    on mac i think it will be :⌘ + Shift + C .
    ther is also this way i think on safari .

    but those are used to identify the problem place.

    i hope some one pro give you answer, while in the main while i will do my best

    have to tried to search inside your style.css for the code ?
    but don’t remove anything unless you clear with some one that it’s safe to remove

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    It looks like the code was added via a theme file. It’ll take time but try manually going through the files to look for “UA-77158566-1”.
    Start with header.php if that exists.

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