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  • mibiewer


    Hey everyone,

    I’m pretty new to wordpress and google analytics, but I think I’ve got enough understanding of each to make this problem not a problem, but I am stumped.

    I’m trying to track an event, a click, on a banner on my site. I’ve appended my Google Analytics Tracking Code (GATC) with the following line, using the Google Anayltics plug-in for wordpress by Spiral Web Consulting. I added it to the field, “additional tracking code, after tracker initialization.”

    //creates and event tracker object with the name “Exit Points”
    var exitTracker = pageTracker._createEventTracker(‘Exit Points’);

    I am also using the ad-minister plugin for controlling my banner ads on my site. I’ve placed this code inside of the content of the banner.

    <a href=”” target=”_blank”
    onClick=”exitTracker._trackEvent(‘Click’ , ‘Country Financial -Track)”>
    <img class=”alignnone size-full wp-image-253″ title=”country-financial” src=”” alt=”country-financial” width=”460″ height=”60″ />

    I’ve tried this a couple of different ways and I’m honestly just frustrated now. I’d like to be able to track the click throughs and impressions through google analytics so I can set goals and conversions, but I’m struggling just getting the click through event track to work.

    Am I missing something super easy and stupid?

    Thanks ahead of time.

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  • isaacyassar


    A plugin named GoCodes can count your banner-click via its redirection. Very good for affiliate banners. It’s an alternative counter if you have some affiliate banners / buttons on your site.

    Cheers 😀



    Thanks for the suggestion.

    I actually tried the “Ultimate Google Analyitcs” plugin as well. So I’ve tried two plug ins and two different ways of hard coding it in. I’m not having success with either. One thing I have noticed is that everything that I am trying to track is within my sidebar widget. I’ve been trying to track twitter click thru’s and clicks on my ad banners that are populated through ad-minister.

    Anyone else having an issue with google analytics, the sidebar widget, and event tracking?

    Thanks again!

    I’ve got it half working, I use the ultimate google analytics too. When using the plugin it will track your outgoing clicks as page views, so check your settings in the plugin to make sure it’s set to track them, then in analytics goto the content section and hit top content, then search for outbound/ it should show them for any outbound clicks on .jpg .gif banners, for swfs I have got the event tracking to work but only in firefox using the code here it work’s but not in Safari, use the code I have at that link, just add the missing <> brackets on the h ref and /a.
    If you find a way of getting it working cross browser, let me know.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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