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  • Hi, we are writting because Google Adsense sended a notice about TFC 2.0:

    – Error: 2.1a
    – Description: Tag or SDK isn’t receiving a TC string due to CMP status being stub, loading, or error.
    – Suggested action to take: Ask your CMP to make sure that their APIs are properly implemented based on the IAB TCF tech spec.

    Please, could you help to solve this problem after implementing TFC 2.0 from Quantcast?

    Thanks in advance!

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  • Plugin Author Ryan


    @evrendede “Ask your CMP to make sure that their APIs are properly implemented based on the IAB TCF tech spec.” is listed in the help document here for 2.1a. (Also 2.1b, but I have not seen any reports of 2.1b, so ill assume you mean 2.1a) We believe the issue stems from Google tags being added to the website before consent has been established. See the sticky post here for more information.

    As mentioned above the solution for 2.1a can be difficult to solve because different sites add tags in different ways using plugins, GTM, directly in code, etc so the solution described in the document as:
    Per the ePrivacy Directive and EU Google Policy, a consumer must establish a valid legal base through Quantcast Choice before Google tags can be set.
    To Address
    1. The site owner must prevent all tags from firing until a response is obtained from Quantcast Choice.
    2. Then, the site owner should only fire the tags for which the consumer provided permission.

    is very broad could vary for users depending upon their setup.


    Can you give me any more information about how google tags get added to your site?

    Answer: Through Google Analytics, Adsense.

    Using GTM?

    Answer: No am not using GTM

    Directly in code?

    Answer: I don’t get this question

    Using a plugin?

    Answer: Goolytics – Simple Google Analytics

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    @rbaronqc thanks a lot again, we’ll try as soon as possible.

    Plugin Author Ryan


    @redsoccerinfo based on the answers above I’m pretty sure the issue lies with Googlytics – Simple Google Analytics adding the GA tag without waiting for consent to be established. (I’m not saying they are doing anything wrong, its just that when Google started listening for consent things changed and now site owners need to be more conscious about how tags are added to website, and prevent them from being added until consent can be established). You may have to consider a different solution like adding Google Analytics (and in turn Adsense) to your website using Google Tag Manager and waiting for consent signals before adding the GA tag to the page. Otherwise maybe Googlytics will update with a way to wait for consent signals before dropping the GA tag on the page.

    @rbaronqc Thank you so much. I have downloaded the Quantcast Choice Plugin, so Kindly send me the real link to Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager to download.

    @rbaronqc Likewise, help me to check this out if the step is ok for both or need adjustment because is a bit different from the sample. Thank You

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    Plugin Author Ryan


    @redsoccerinfo You can create your GTM account by going here There are lots of different ways to add Google Tag Manager to your website, but in this case I would just finding WordPress plugin to do so. Once GTM is added to your site I would suggest following Google’s guide for adding GA via GTM You would then need to replace the page view trigger (from the video) to use a custom Trigger group that waits for page view and google consent. See the QC – Trigger_SAMPLE – All Pages trigger example here (the last one). You will need to replace the regular “all pages” trigger as seen in the google with this new custom trigger group. You can download and import this ready made GTM container with the needed variables and example triggers (one of the examples is google triggers). See this comment for more details.

    Plugin Author Ryan


    @redsoccerinfo I cant say for sure (this is in no way legal consent advice) what consents you need to set. But I would leave the Google Vendors on (You are right that is a new featured added to help make sure Quantcast Choice and site owners collect all of the consent necessary for Google ad vendors). And unless you have a specific reason to select custom consents I would leave it as the default value (but you may need to discuss with your legal department as to what consents you need).

    @rbaronqc Based on the thank you I will leave it just that way.

    I will get back based on GTM, am working on it

    @rbaronqc Please where can i replace this import this ready made GTM container i downloaded

    Plugin Author Ryan


    @redsoccerinfo the first part of this guide shows an example of importing a container (not the same container). There is also a video of the process embedded there. You can also find lots of info out there on importing containers by just searching.

    Thread Starter ibiza69


    Hi @rbaronqc, I opened this thread at wordpress, but seems no answer yet for us, behind all this posts…

    We visited the, but our error that corresponds to 2.1a says:

    “This error occurs due to page latency or because Google tags are fired before a consumer has provided a consent answer.”

    But we do not have GTM, either an account at GTM and never implemented GTM, so we can’t underestand why all our sites error is the same 2.1a and so, as do not use it, don’t know how to fix the problem.

    Have you got any news for us or how we could solve this situation?

    Thank you.

    Plugin Author Ryan


    @ibiza69 if you are getting 2.1a errors it is likely your site is adding google tags to to the website before getting consent from a user. The solution will really depend on how you are adding google tags to your website. If you are adding google adsense to your website via google analytics which is added to your website with a wordrpess plugin you are likely adding analytics without waiting for consent. There are all kinds of different ways and different plugins you could be adding tags with. It is hard for me to know and answer because I do not know your website setup and how you are adding tags. Can you tell me how you are currently adding your tags and how you are blocking tags until consent is established? In my comments I suggest the easiest way to do this is with Google Tag Manager. Have you considered trying that method, or is it not possible to add with google tag manager? I also put out addition information specifically about 2.1a here which is also in some of the comments above.

    Thread Starter ibiza69


    Good morning and thanks @rbaronqc, we do not use GTM, we only use WP post tags, we use Gooogle Analytics Code (just code implemented), we can take it off and website would work with 2.1a?

    We visited GTM in the past, but we didn´t like it, so we didn´t use it at all, so as we don’t use GTM, we don’t know how to solve the problem (one of our sites) if it helps…

    Thank you!

    Hello, we’re having a similar issue with 2.1. Our website is using ad inserter plugin to show the ads if that’s helpful. We also have the code for Analytics in the header of the website.

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