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  • Hi all,
    I am having a problem with Adsense actually updating with information related to the topics in my posts. It only displays links for blogging, RSS, or WordPress. If the whole site is about sports I would hope that Adsense updates to sports related links. It isn’t so I assume I am doing something wrong. Or it is because I have hard coded the Adsense code into my templates?

    Any ideas are appreciated

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  • You might contact Adsense and ask them. If the ads search for keywords, then you should be using a keyword plugin or adding keywords to your meta tags. If they actually scan the information on the generated page before it generates, then maybe it isn’t getting the information it needs before processing the ads. That could be because of the hard coding.

    Check with Adsense on how they handle the process and see if it is getting the information out of synch with your posts.

    thanks for the reply…I will check with them and see what they suggest.

    adsense will eventually get around to scanning your page. however, if your content isn’t heavily keyworded such that it’d find relevant ads, you’ll have it finding blogging keywords in many instances (bc the average blogger uses ‘blog’ many times on a page!). It can take a bit to update though, as your content changes and ‘matures’.


    kvillines, fix your page. You have messed up the AdSense script. I suggest you do it NOW unless you wish your AS account is cancelled.

    I have the same problem.

    After seting up WOrdpress, adsense does not display properly. (I have all the keywords on the page in headers etc) Its only showing ads for blogging. I even removed the “blogroll” category.

    Here’s where it gets REALLY wierd…

    when I type, it shows adsense for blogs
    when I type it shows the correct adsense for my blog.

    Dan anyone suggest or think of a way that could correc tthis “www” issue? Is this more of a webhost thing? (I have cpanel if anyone knows what to do to fix it).


    Thanks for the reply…the stuff you say really makes sense. I will also go through my content and pages to remove the word blog.

    I don’t know what to thank you for? You didn’t tell me anything that will help me. Is there some other way to put AS into pages? Other then the way Google has outlined. Why would Google cancel my AS account if I have followed their outline? Your either full of it and causing problems (that is my guess at first glance) or you are just in a bad mood. If you have AS secrets actually share them.

    The AS code looks fine to me.

    And if you hadn’t noticed, your keywords have been updated. No need to remove the word blog or anything.

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    xdhirax – Adsense views the two pages as different URLs even though they actually go the same place, so it’s likely that the alternate URL (the one getting blog related ads) hasn’t been spidered recently. I submitted this to Adsense customer service and they got the alternate URL included for spidering. The other (possibly better) option is to try to remove any links to the alternate address completely so that users won’t ever end up there.

    Sorry about that but I forgot to put the URL to the site I am actually talking about.

    That page isn’t indexed by Google. (Go to Google and type in the url minus the http: and the slashes. You’ll see that “Sorry, no information is available for the URL“. If you aren’t in the Google index, you aren’t in the Adsense index – they’re the same thing. Is it a relatively new site? How many incoming links do you have from sites with relatively high Page Rank? (Page Rank 4 and above; 3 and below won’t show up as links, just as “web pages that contain the term…”) Bottom line, you need a link from at least one PR4 site to get in the index very quickly.

    @ tomhanna
    VERY Helpful thanks so much!!!

    @ ALL
    Thanks for all the replies…I think I am now up on the whole AS process.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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