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  • I’m thinking of using Google’s AdSense and incorporating it within my site. Any pointers or recommendations for the best way to go about doing this within Word Press 1.5?

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  • Just take the code they give you on their site and plug it in wherever you want it. You can further customize the colors to match your site but beyond that there isn’t anything more to it.


    What about the layout of the advertising – i.e if I place the code in the sidebar then I assume I would want the advertising to be in a column format (vertical) rather than horizontal. Is this possible to change? Also, if the code lives in teh sidebar for example, will it still look at the content on each entire page to advertise appropriate content?


    I’ve got google adsense adverts on the frontpage of my site and also on some of the individual posts. As has been said you can customise the colour which does help quite a bit.

    My main advert is on the main page underneath the first post. What do you think of it?

    If you give me the URL I’ll take a look. Do you have any comments specific to my questions above having used AdSense?

    Sorry URL is

    I will find the plugin that I am using as well as provide the post/code on how I got the Adsense on the front page.


    Thanks for that, interesting why you picked to display the adverts below some of the posts?

    In addition to my questions above, is there a way so use AdSense so that it always appears in a certain position on the site – i.e. always at the top of each page just below the header or always in the sidebar for example?

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    Always in the sidebar – add the code to the sidebar template.

    Always at the top of the page – add the code to (probably) the index template but above the loop

    And to place in other areas, do a search here for “moosecandy” and how to use it.

    At the top of the sidebar sounds the best option – will the advertising display vertically though?

    Yes, you choose the layout you want. The available layouts can be seen here:


    The ad in the post tends to get higher click through rate. I know some folks have had good luck by putting it in one of the smaller rectangle or button formats at the top right of the post with the content wrapped around it, but that’s fairly complicated to do and someone else would have to explain how. Putting the ads anywhere above the content tends to turn off readers so traffic suffers. Under the content in the post works pretty well. In fact, some people swear by that location and the theory is that by the time someone reads the post they are ready to click off to a new location, so the ad hits them at the right time.

    I’m looking forward to all things British, good luck with it. 🙂

    Thanks for the advice as to it’s placement. Am I right in assuming then that the code would have to be added within each individual post when it is moderated and published?

    Hi Buzz,

    I’m using the AdSense plugin by Phil Hord – to add the advert to my posts – just need to insert a <!–adsense–> tag and it will appear there.


    Thanks for the pointer phiali, I’m checking that out myself.

    Buzz –

    I have two different ad-related plugins coming that might help. Keep an eye out the next few days, and I’ll try to remember to post here if I get the chance. Should make stuff like this easier to maintain.


    I look forward to seeing being able to review the plugins – sounds good.

    I think it would be a good idea to develop a ‘standard’ for incorporating advertising within WordPress. As we all know, whilst targeted advertising can be a fantastic tool to both promote relevant sites and provide a financial gain, it can also be very anoying and actually put people off visiting your site if it is used in an intrusive manner (i.e. pop-ups etc.)

    Perhaps we should be looking at the premise and concept of advertising within WordPress as well as the technical implementation of it – does anyone have any thoughts / suggestions with this?

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 55 total)
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