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    I have noticed that a few WP/blog sites use Google ads, do you guys actually make any money from these? Im just asking because I never click any ads I see on websites.

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    I do not click on the ads either.
    In fact, when I di see them, I try to view the source code to get the ad server hostname and add a adserverhostname.google.com
    line to my HOSTS file
    to where I do not have to even view them.



    you might believe me or not, but i have noticed… those sites of mine which HAVE google adsense have done extremely well in google search compared to those which dont…
    so rather than the meagre returns (which are indeed there), i use them for my illusion that google is a little generous towards the ad crammed sites… :S

    Moderator Matt Mullenweg


    I make a few dollars from the ones on my site. If you want to support the site you’re on, it doesn’t hurt to click on an interesting ad they have every now and then.



    The guy that runs pvrblog did a great writeup on using adsense. You can find it here:



    I have actually made about $10 in a month .. they normally only send out money every 100 .. but considering i dont advertise my site that uses them 10 is not bad for a month …
    i dont know about better google listings as mine do very well anyway ..
    but $10 is better than nothing right !

    Alex King


    Like any web advertising, it all depends on your traffic.



    Those of us who use AdSense are not permitted to disclose figures (dang over-restrictive AdSense terms!), but I can say that AdSense has been good to me; I’ve earned more with AdSense than with most other affiliate program links, and with a lot less work (stick the code on the page and forget about it :D)

    I’ve having a problem with my ads. (Note to Adsense police: I’m not trying to get people to click on them). On my site, http://www.tacojohn.net , when you mouse over a link in the menu, the Adsense box flickers. I’ve checked it in Firefox, IE and Opera, and it only happens in Firefox. If anyone can help at all (and I understand if this has nothing to do with WP), I would really apperciate it.

    taco firefox forums would be a better place. i have noticed flickering too… mostly on css based layouts on both firefox and opera… its because it uses inline frames πŸ˜›

    Blogger just removed the Google adbar from the top of the page for regular users. They now are asking the users to signup with Adsense so they can get a share of the click through ads.
    All I can say is that I’ve covered the annual costs of my blog with Adsense usage for about 2 months. The rest now goes to a Fund Raiser I’m involved with.

    Clicking an Ad now and then, or even whenever you visit a blog which has the ads, may be a good idea, it costs you a couple of seconds, is all.
    I actually find some google ads relevant and helpful, as a matter of fact.

    I haven’t had much success with poeple clicking my ads… but ironically I did find my new host via the ads on my own site πŸ™‚

    I click on people’s ads when i can, just a few seconds to help the fellow blogger

    When I vivit a blog I make a point of clicking on their google ads….its like a tip service πŸ™‚
    I would rather look at an advert and know someone like myself got some cash than watch telly and be interupted with ads all the time spoiling my enjoyment!!

    Moderator James Huff


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    Personally, clicking on and ad every now and then is a lot better then have to pay a subscription to go to my favorite sites, or watch them go bankrupt and shutdown.

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