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    Hi, I am having problems with my Google ads. On most pages, which are NOT the homepage, they show for about half a second, and then disappear. I have copied the adsense code into a text widget, and placed it in my sidebar.

    In addition I also have google ads using the plugin “All in One Adsense and YPN!”, this is working fine on all pages… so I guess it is not a google issue but rather a wordpress issue.


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  • update:

    this issue impacts only the google adsense coding. If I place any random text within the same text widget, the text is being displayed correctly, but the adsense advertisement still disappears.

    A link to your site might help…

    The link is

    It concerns the 300×250 advertisement at the top of the right sidebar, which shows correctly on the home page. Just click on any random post, and you will see the problem there.

    I am also facing same problem from last 2 days. I don’t know what can be the reason. I have 4 blogs and all have different theme.

    I think after upgrading to WordPress 2.8.5 this problem start occurring but one of my blog is displaying all ads correctly but not on other 3.

    Hi Infoshine, you may be correct, I upgraded my WP also to 2.8.5… I am considering downgrading back to the old version..

    I seem to have the same trouble, but I did some more research. so tell me if you all might have the same factors.
    I have 3 sites all disappear to me.
    my sites are:

    Ad is 300 x 250
    The add is in a text widget.
    The other size ads all show.
    Ads show and stay when on firefox.
    They all show for about a 1/2 sec then dissappear when viewing on Vista IE.
    I can’t remember if this started before or after the last upgrade.

    Can anyone running on an IE on vista can you tell me if the ads show for you? or can you guys that posted before tell me if your on EI with Vistas?


    Your ads show to me.
    It seems that the non showing is only to the owner of the blog.

    Yes Ads are showing perfectly on Firefox and Google Chrome but not on IE. I am using Windows XP with IE 8.


    Did you go to a post, or were you on the front page or category page? Strangely enough my ads DO show on the front page and category pages, but only not on single post pages. I remember experiencing this problem after having upgraded… by the way, I copied all the WP version 2.8.4 files back onto the server, hoping to downgrade the site back, but the problem has not been resolved.

    I took a look at, your ads show on firefox, but not on IE… so it cannot be an ownership issue, since I am not the owner of your site. I am using Windows XP with IE 7.

    Newbie here. Same issue. Works fine in Firefox 3.5.4, but not IE 8. Amazon banner ads in same sidebar work great. Is this a Worsdpress 2.8.5 issue? If so, any ETA on a fix?


    I just use the php code widget in my sidebar, and drop the google code in it, never had a problem…

    Are you using WordPress 2.8.5? Some have said that’s when this started.

    I tried the php code widget and the issue still occurs. The only difference is that a plain white box is displayed instead of nothing.

    I had the same problem. Ads worked fine in FireFox, but in IE they would show for a second and disappear. Oddly enough though this was only for most of the site. On some pages, older pages, the ads showed perfectly.

    On a whim, I deactivated my “Add to Any” plugin and things are now showing up just fine. I looked at some of your sites and most of you are running that plugin as well. You might give this a try and see if it helps.

    Ahhh, bingo! Thanks.

    Yes, I had both the “share” and “subscribe” plugins activated. With them turned off, it works.

    Now, is it an “Add to any” bug or a WordPress 2.8.5 bug? Guess we’ll find out soon enough.

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